With 141 being SO up in the air about who is going to show up and over or under achieve and take the title this year and no clear favorites from start to finish at any weight I've been browsing other forums (Flo, VA wrestling, ect) and many are asking who is a lock. The popular pick seems to be Oliver. I have to agree since Robles hasn't wrestled McD. or Precin yet, and as said 141 is crazy hard to pick, as is 149 since we don't know what we'll get out of Caldwell and others. At 157 Taylor hasn't wrestled Fittery or Jenkins this year so is like 125 is hard to say how it will end up.

My question is who are you guys (JensenS, vais, Herkey) picking as your one guy you would bet the farm on to win?

Mine is also the popular pick in Oliver.