hahahaha well when I first said that I questioned it myself but figured the maybe 6th at best would get me by haha but no I don't know that he'll go 6th. While Bubba did lose to an NAIA guy and has some questionable wins and losses this season and the gas tank issues, I still think he's better than Dong. I think Bubba goes Top 4 and Dong goes best at 6 and possibly falls at round of 12. Dong is good, he did beat a tough Young and has had some big wins in the past. I could see him beating Bubba IF it's close going into the second (0-0) is his best chance to ride Bubba out or for a least the riding time point and then to try and get to the third at 1-0 or 1-1 and get an escape of his own because even I myself don't think after being ridden for a good while by Dong that Jenkins will have the tank to get the takedown in the 3rd to beat Dong.

I also like that you picked McD over Robles. Robles is a great great wrestler and has improved greatly over the year. I'd like to see him win if he didn't have to beat an Iowa stud to do it, but truth is I think you have to know that Brands and McD are working on McD's bottom game to ensure he doesn't get caught in those tilts and that he's going to be able to get his escape rather than to give up mountains of riding time and back points. I think when you have this much time to prepare for him you can get the plan to beat him. Wether the plan works or not hopefully we'll see in the finals, and it will work.