125: Hard to complain about this other than the fact I think he and Precin should have been separated until the potential Finals after 3 meetings. My guess is McDonough has Martinez, Boyle, and Waters to get to Precin. A pretty decent draw, other than the Precin thing.

133: Absolutely brutal draw with Cagnina in the pigtail. He could easily drop that match. Provided he wins, he'd have Jordan Keller and then Scotti Sentes on the way to a quarterfinal showdown with Andrew Long. If he beats Long again, he likely has Hochstrasser, which is as far as I can logically move him in the Championship bracket. All in all, very tough, IMO. I think he probably deserved the 5 seed over King Louie, who has fewer losses, but the losses were to Jake Fleckenstein and Rollie Peterkin by 6-0 (not a terrible loss, but pretty lopsided), whereas Ramos has much better wins, like over Andrew Long and BJ Futrell.

141: Brutal draw, even for this weight which was expected to be brutal. Kennedy and Russell both on his side, Kennedy in the quarters. Even Dutton in round 1 is no walkover. Tough draw for Montell.

149: N/A

157: Tough draw with David Taylor in the quarters, but not terrible for the first two rounds. HArd to argue with that, but DSJ-Taylor in the same quarter? I've seen it twice. I think St. John CAN beat him, but I'd rather see some new matchups.

165: I kind of like Janssen's draw from the 11 seed. Yates is good, but Janssen should beat him, and Dallas Bailey is eminently beatable at the 6 seed. That said, hard to see him going past that, as Caldwell is good. Still, not a terrible draw.

174: Tough draw. Probably Henderson and Letts just to get to the quarters, where he'll undoubtedly lose to Reader. Then, in the R12, he'd likely have the loser of Covington-Henrich. Honestly, Lofthouse would be better off losing to Letts.

184: Honestly, not a terrible draw. He gets a pigtail, and would face the winner of LeBlanc-Kissel in round 2 (if GG beats Trotman). Then he'd have Travis Rutt in the quarters, and Honeycutt (probably) in the semis. Honestly, if a Hawkeye was going to make a big run from a low seed, this would be it. Not going to happen because GG is such a mental case, but still...

197: I love Uncle Luke, but it's a good thing he's a grinder, because this is a BITCH of a draw. He's got tough matches from jump street with Orozco in round 1, Giesen in round 2, and then Kilgore in the quarters, and Simaz in the semis. Hard to see him pulling that off. Best I could see is him getting to the semis. Still, gonna be a tough road to hoe for Uncle Luke.

HWT: Not terrible for Big Blake. No world beaters, he could very conceivably win his way to the semis. Can't see him beating Flores, though. I could definitely see him beating Simonson, Fernandez, and Trice, although he could lose to Fernandez and Trice just as easily. Still, overall, it could be worse.

Overall, about what you expect at this tournament. Some good draws, some really tough draws. Marion and Lofthouse probably got it worst, with Ramos right behind them.