Rather than start two new threads, I thought I'd consolidate.

How do you think 184 gets drawn up?

1. Honeycutt
2. Hamlin

Those two seem set. Then maybe...

3. Rutt
4. Bosak

Those two are really critical. Mostly for Bosak. Honeycutt has been the one guy who has really handled him the last two years, and I'll bet he's really hoping to be on the other half. He does have a win over Rutt.

5. Kevin Steinhaus
6. Ryan Loder
7. Joe Leblanc

Or does Leblanc get higher than that?

8. Chris Perry
9. Quentin Wright
10. Josh Ihnen
11. Erich Schmidtke
12. Grant Gambrall or Luke Rebertus

It will be really interesting to see what they do with Wright.