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Thread: So is McD the 1 seed?

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    I'm not sure why it is so beneficial or important for McD to be the one seed. I think no matter where he is, he is on the opposite side of Robles and Precin. He is quite a bit better than everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ODH View Post
    Well McD wrestle Precin 3x but only beat him twice.. Jensen has done a good evaluation that Robles wrestled a schedule that is plenty tough.
    I don't know what Nicholson's schedule has been..has he done enough to get the three seed over Precin?
    His schedule is decently tough. He has no wins over anyone in the top 5, and has no wins over anyone who's made AA honors. He beat Sanders (and I definitely think it's a quality win), but it was in teh All-Star so it's not counted for seeding. His best wins are Jarrod Patterson and Jon Morrison, who are ranked 8th and 9th respectively by Earl's site.
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    Unfortunatly for McD and Precin, I think Robles gets first seed. I know that All star match doesn't 'count', but after seeing him dismantle Sanders(who had 2 falls, a tech and a major against everyone not named Precin this weekend) I think that it will be hard to completely ignore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    But does one undefeated dominating year trump two dominating years and a national title?
    He has had two great years, but to be truly dominant, you definitely need to be undefeated.

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    I will make a bet with anyone that Mc D does not get the 1 seed. He probably deserves it, but so does Robles. The rest of the country likes to stick it to the Big 10 when they get a chance and putting Mc D and Precin on the same side would be a good way to stick it to the Big 10.

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    I dont care where McD ends up as long as he will have Nicholson in the semis. I agree that they like to stick it to the Big Ten and specifically at Iowa in Nationals, so I see it like this.


    I have Nicholson above Precin because he is undefeated, and if they are putting that much weight on an undefeated season then he would get the 3 seed. No way do they put Nicholson at 2 though I dont think, but even if they did that would be fine as McD and Precin would still be on opposite sides

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    My only thought on the matter is that Precin and McD are VERY close and I think Robles has somewhat deserved the #1 seed. I think they put McD and Precin together in the semi's bc in theory they are only going to want to see 1 Big Ten wrestler in that final if they all make it to the semi's.

    I think they will give it to Robles, its just pure domination all the way through the season. The bottom line is that the best wrestler should end up on top and who is #2 and #3 doesn't really matter to me.
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    I think they'll give it to Robles but McD deserves it. In all honesty after you get past the top 3 guys in this weight non of the other wins really matter in terms of "quality" wins. McD would have gone undefeated if he wrestled the same schedule that Robles did. If I had to guess I would think it's unlikely Robles would have beaten Precin all three times. Because Robles wrestles on top and techs people there is this assumption that he has been more dominant than McD. Besides Precin McD was not in one other match that he was in any type of danger to lose. He has controlled every opponent from start to finish besides Precin and would have done the same with Robles schedule.

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    I think Robles should get the #1 seed, but it's obviously very controversial. Apart from McD having an easier semis if he's opposite Nicholson, I don't think McD would beat Robles. Precin has already met Robles twice and defeated him once (I believe?) and that gives him an advantage over McD in the prospects of beating Robles. Not having wrestled Robles before I don't think McD would beat him. It's in McD's best interest for Precin to knock Robles out (but I'm not sure he would do it this year).

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