First of all, Welsh-Ryan is a fine venue. There was adequate and close parking. All of the seats were good, except for the reserved seats down low, because signs blocked the view. Unlike Minny, NW did not put the mats up on a stage.......minor point though. Good restaurants within walking distance and hotels were plentiful and cheap(I discovered Priceline!!)

All the fans seemed to be enjoying themselves, including Iowans. There was not as much of the pro and anti Iowa stuff that I've seen in the past although I did see some tacky teeshirts that said on the back: "It's ok, we hate you too."

125 Great match with McD and Precin. They kept after it and once McD got his TD in the 3rd, he planted Precin and the match was essentially over with. I could see Precin winning the rematch which will probably be in the NCAA semi-finals. They are well matched.
133. Wrestlers are on to Graff's movement, and he had difficulty scoring from his feet the entire tourny. Hitting Long headon is like hitting a brick wall. Long was dominent during the entire Tourny and he could have easily gotten the OW award. I don't see Graff beating him. He and Oliver will be a contrast in styles. Long, Ramos, Graff and Futrell all will AA
141 Russell is strong, flexible and has unerring instincts on the mat. Thorn was his usual aggressive self and seem to have the first TD in the bag..but didn't. Russell just doesn't seem to make mistake. Thorn's match against Marion was the most exciting of the Tourny. Thorn pulled a Ness; down by 5-2, he escaped and then got a TD with no time left and then got another in OT. Those guys don't like each other at all. They got into a staring contest before the match and Marion looked away first. Kennedy was also impressive, in fact I can see KR, MT, JK and MM going 1-4 in NCAA with AA placing as well. Alton has been pretty well figured out by those 4.
149. Frank the tank didn't have a point scored on him in 3 matches; amazingly flexible for a short, stocky guy. I was happy to see Grajales in the finals. Frank and Grajales showed a great deal of respect for each other after the match. Both should AA..........after them, not sure. Clearly, Schmitt is having post surgery recovery issues.
157 I don't see DT losing at NCAAs. St. John really came to wrestle though and did a great job. He got the opening TD and really had to work for it. Both looked as though, they were going to score back points but didn't. 8-3 was closest match the DT has had all year and only second non bonus point win.