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    Is there any weight with THIS much in the air?

    DC looked pretty marginal and is still clearly hurt.
    Dake has 2 losses this year.
    Molinaro has had some nice moments but also some rough matches.
    Kevin Levalley just beat Dake and has one loss.

    It's anyones to take right now and I really don't know which way to lean. If Caldwell gets the 1 seed i'm DEFINITELY betting the field.
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    I think 184 is still pretty wide open as well but can't disagree with how 149 is also looking.
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    I can't remember a year when there was no one who was almost an absolute lock to win his weight class. The closest this year would likely be Oliver and Burroughs, but I wouldn't consider either a lock--especially with Howe back and Burroughs having a tough final this past weekend. Howe didn't see back to himself yet and I would make Burroughs a major favorite, but not a lock. Oliver could be considered in that category, but not like many in the past. So many weights up the line are up for grabs, with in many cases 3 or more guys who have strong shots at the title. Should make for a great NCAA tourney this year--not to mention the team title with 4 or 5 teams having legitimate shots at that as well.

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    Pretty darn wide open after pretty much all of us thinking Dake and Caldwell in the finals all year. I guess this is why they wrestle the matches. In my eyes, Caldwell is the one with the most explaining to do. He looked pretty bad in his finals match against Valenti. The shoulder is one thing but he looked like he was pretty badly out of shape as well. That wasn't the guy that beat on Metcalf and Palmer. One thing about DC is that he is the kind of guy who seems to really get up for the big matches and he has had a few of them now. Maybe a match with Valenti isn't the kind of thing that he can get wound up about anymore, but he just looked bad in the last period of that match, taking his headgear off, hands on his knees. Wow.

    Everyone knows that while LeValley is not quite "elite", he is a tough dude with a pain in the ass ability to keep matches close, so his win against Dake did not surprise me all that much. After Dake destroyed Mason in his previous match I was expecting a win from him in the finals but I did have an uneasy feeling going into it. Dake's loss to Vinson earlier this year was a bit more surprising but also wasn't entirely out of the blue, as the two know each other quite well from hs and Vinson also isn't a slouch to begin with, top ten-ish guy.

    It is a weird weight this year though. Nobody has been consistent except maybe for LeValley. This is the kind of weight where something wacky could (and probably might) happen and you get a final with no marquee names in it. Seedings are going to be interesting in this one.

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    It's a crazy year and definitely seems like more upsets than usual in conferences. At the end of the day though you can't bet against Caldwell or Dake at any given NCAA match unless they face each other. 184 is nuts too but after Rey proved mortal Heavyweight is the most up in the air to me. Virtually every match will be a 1pt/OT type affair from *at least* the quarters on.

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    Though my memory is freshest for 2011, this year seems like the toughest one I can remember (so the last 10) to seed the top6 across all weights. With all the conference losses tons of them can go many different ways...

    Gonna be a fun tourney..

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