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Thread: Minnesota v Nebraska Predictions

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    I'm positive Sonny was marked at 174 on the roster for the Northern Quad. I just looked at their roster on their own website and it shows Eidenschenck at 197, whom I've personnally SEEN wrestle twice at 184.

    If Sonny doesn't end up at 174, then why is Eidenschenk at 184? Logically it makes no sense.
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    Sonny Yohn has never been at 174 for the Gophers

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    Cody is the man slated for 174 next year after his redshirt. Eidenshenk came down from 197 to 184 but it sounds like Sonny is nursing an injury and will wait until its 100% before he steps back out on the mat. Shenk can always move back up to 197 if Yohn comes back mid year.
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