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    From the somewhat cramped confines of the Big Ten Channel and Flow Wrestling, I've been attempting to keep up with college wrestling this year. I've been excited watching Andrew Alton, David Taylor and Ed Ruth do as well as they have, and been somewhat stunned by the recuperative powers of the Brands' brothers and their style of coaching.

    But, amid all the matches, there are a few guys who've stood out in my mind as potential future NCAA champions and I wanted to throw their names out there into the ether - and see what other people think:

    Jackson Morse: Illinois freshman who took-down David Taylor three times and has basically acquitted himself very well in a very tough weight-class. If Taylor moves up a weight in the years to come, Morse could very well rise to the top.

    Tony Ramos: maybe you guys saw this coming. I certainly did not. Ramos has a chance at an NCAA this year, but I think in years to come he will be a major factor at 133. He really impresses me with his drive and determination.

    Dylan Ness: remember way back in November (or was it October?) when he just took off at the Cliff Keen? I guess he's red-shirting this year. But next year - will he be the next Andrew Alton?

    And, finally, what about Logan Stieber?

    So, what do you guys think? Am I talking crazy here?
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