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Thread: Best 2011 RS Freshmen

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkeyes2 View Post
    I was making a joke about the Single A State being as tough as the NCAA's yes, but not that Single A will be loaded. So 1stplace you know the Carlson kid that was from VA, then came to AL and won State, now is back in VA for his Senior year?
    I don't know him personally but I have had the pleasure of watching him wrestle. He lived in Vestavia Hills which is only a few minutes south of me. To be honest I am more of a Pennsylvania wrestling follower than anyplace else (where I went to high school). I really should get out and see some of the local kids more but working 70 hour weeks takes its toll on my free time.

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    I completely understand. I am quite a bit older than the Carlson kid but was on a VA National team with him when he was in like 4th grade and about 8 years old haha I was an 8th grade holdback and 14 I think at the time. Good kid.

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