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Thread: Based on Big 10 seeds..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ban basketball View Post
    If your name refers to the screwball from the tv show, "Jersey Boys," how can you be taken seriously?
    Come on, you don't have to attack me because of my username? It's actually called "Jersey Shore", and my name isn't taken from that show.
    I didn't post something on this forum because I thought I was authority on the subject, or to attack your opinions either, only to offer some logical analysis and my opinions. I'm more than happy to be wrong, but if I'm wrong, then you should be refuting my point logically, not just dismissing it because you don't like my username.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    You missed the whole premise situation. I'm just pointing out that Iowa has more depth than Penn St does. Iowa has no glaring weaknesses. 149 is relatively weak int he B10 so even Ballweg could finish on the stand. Iowa will finish with a higher average finish than Penn St. It may not but, their consistency throught the lineup could get them this title.
    Depth wise, isn't it fair to say that Penn St. has two holes, at 165 and 197, and Iowa has one at 149? Ballweg looks like he can get 5th and so does Kemmerer. Ortega/Ruggear on the other hand will probably be a nonfactor.
    In terms of average finish, maybe, but again, your picks are quite optimistic. For example, you say David Taylor could get 1st-2nd, but Derek St. John gets 1st-3rd. That's an average finish of 1.5 for Taylor and 2 for St. John. In reality, it's probably something like 1.1 for Taylor and 2.25 for St. John. Very unlikely, but possible, that Taylor loses in the finals, and pretty likely that St. John gets 2nd, but a small possibility that he gets 3rd.
    Wade vs Raising, on the other hand, Wade might have an average finish of 1.5 or so, and Raising somewhere around 2.5, optimistically. So again, both guys you have finishing 1st -4th, but Wade on average should get an entire place higher.

    I'm not trying to nitpick here with your predictions, because you only put things that were possible, but on average, I just see you having Iowa as higher than they are maybe predicted to get.

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    Situation: You might be taking ban a bit too seriously. It is good to have new posters on here bringing new thoughts.

    Also, I thought your name was Jersey Shore related too. When you make that type of handle in 2011 I can't imagine what else it could refer to.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Situation, I would say you are nitpicking if you're predicting people to finish in 2.25th place.

    Also, Iowa has a long tradition of outplacing their seeds or what others think they will do. If you were here last year you would have read that I predicted Iowa would have five finalists and was lambasted and even given the title of TWT's #1 Homer. But as I said then...It's not homerism if it can actually happen, and with Iowa it can.

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