Just got done watching the replay...

125: Knew that this was going to be a tough place to start the dual off and to be completely honest as far as I'm concerned Sanders did his job here by not giving up the bonus points. McDonough just sits as about the worst possible style match up for Sanders. Too big, in too good a shape, too good on top. As I watched I wondered what you've got to look for if you're Sanders in terms of formulating a strategy. Does he stay on his horse, avoid the ties ups and look for his duck unders when McDonough tries to get hold of him (thereby sacrificing any shot of getting to legs) or does he stay in tight and try and tie McDonough up and try to keep it low scoring? In my mind the first option probably gives him the best chance to win, but even employing that tactic its probably a slim one.

133: Not quite as much to say here about this match up as things went more or less exactly as I expected them to. Both guys came out and scrapped all 7, and right now Ramos is just the better wrestler. Great hips by Ramos defending the three or four leg attacks that Thorn got in deep on.

141: Tough way to drop a match here, but I suppose given the history that these two have had with one another that it was Marion's turn. It seemed to me like Thorn got kind of anxious during the hand fighting (was doing a lot of ineffective reaching) before Marion came out and hit the dump for his TD. Great job by Marion controlling Thorn's top hand and not allowing him to lock his claw in while trying to ride out, and then creating the scramble that allowed him to get out.

149: Zilverburg came out here and got the win in a toss up match that the Gophers desperately needed at the time. I worried coming in about Ballweg's countering ability but thought Zilverburg's ability to cut the corner quick on his singles would neutralize it, but he didn't do it on his first shot and Ballweg rubber kneed it and scored. Strong work on top in the third to send it to OT, and then did a great job not wasting any time and winning it early.

157: Didn't come in expecting much here, and wound up getting what I expected with a bumped up 141 in Mincey wrestling a big 157 who is really starting to see things come together for him both results wise and just stylistically in St. John. Nice job by St. John using a variety of set ups here to get to that single to the left leg that he likes including one off a really nice elbow pass.

165: Huge job by Cody Yohn coming out here and trying to get the momentum back. Was aggressive (but not effective) in the hand fighting and attempting to get to his offense in the first period. Then did a great job setting up and going to the tilt at the beginning of the second that won him the match. Kind of lost his handle on the match late as Jannsen was the guy dictating things in the third, but at this point with all the momentum against his team Yohn did well to come away with the win.

174: All guts by Scott Glasser and the exact type of "just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in" type match that he's wrestled countless times over the course of his career and that I predicted that he would do coming in here. Very nice reshot double by Lofthouse to score the first TD. Glasser just wouldn't be denied during the third period.

184: I've read some accounts from Iowa fans who were absolutely apoplectic about the stalling call on Gambrall so early in the third period, but it seemed to me like it came about as a continuation of Gambrall being on his horse for the last :30 seconds of the prior period. Every big match that Steinhaus wins this year just amazes me given that he came out of high school as a lightly recruited 160 pounder. He's been a ton of fun to watch this year and I'm really looking forward to watching him progress over the next three years.

197: I wish I could say that this match was disappointing to me, but with as well as Lofthouse has been wrestling and the fact that it was only Yohn's second match back after being on the shelf for six weeks I didn't expect a win here. Yohn wrestled well, for about 4:30. It seemed like attempting to hold Lofthouse down after he sat the corner and got that TD really took a lot out of him. After that flurry it seemed like it was just going to be a matter of "when." Glad that his knee appeared to be alright after he banged it trying to defend that shot with about 1:00 to go.

285: All in all I felt pretty good about how the matches went in this dual (even the losses) up until this point. I've talked about how Nelson's power based offense has been ineffective at times against big heavyweights this year, and you won't find a heavyweight in the country bigger than Blake Rasing. Laid his head flat on the mat from :50-:38 after giving up the TD.