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Thread: how ridiculous is 141

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    Yea that is what i thought but on the mat they were saying that he was ranked in one poll...

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    don't forget that Prater majored Thorn after Thorn beat Cleveland. After Prater beat Thorn, Thorn beats Jaggers. It is going to be crazy. I still say Rader is right there when its all over. His long time off will have his knee healthy and although he hasn't been wrestling in tournaments and such, rumor has it his conditioning is great and that they are just making sure they give the knee its due amount of time to heal.

    We will see though if he comes back at 100%.
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    Anyone heard of the WVA kid who lost to Molianaro-PSU-11-10 ?

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    Yeah, Colin Johnston ... true freshman, two time PA state champ from Canon-Mac ... tough kid.

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