i would think there would be more interest in this match at this point. i think this might be a very competitive match with tossups everywhere.

125 obviously sanders will win and probably get some type of bonus.

133 long should win but maybe/probably only dec. an improving thorn

141 wow. thorn and alton should be another alton/ russell, thorn /russell thing
149 molinaro winning but he really doesn't get bonus pts like he should in matches he should, not that he should destroy z-burg anyway

157 taylor getting bonuses against the whole gopher student body

165 yohn vs. fish or kem hmmmm tossup? yohn slightly favored?

174 ruth is wrestling better and the better wrestler but glasser is not a piece of chopped liver

184 wright vs. steinhaus if you have wright figured out you're better than i. will wright hit a throw or will steinhaus be on top of a bellied out, head down wright??? tossup?

197 yohn (if back) maybe bonus pts. no yohn tossup.

hwt nelson vs wade wade seems to be in a funk despite pulling out a fall despite being hammered against apland. nelson could very well beat wade and i would not be surprised at all. wade also might win. how's that for a predicition. tossup?

i would be interested in others opinions.