For me, it's been really easy to fixate on David Taylor in this weight division because any TV I see is from the Big Ten network, and most of the discussions I see on this weight class talk about Taylor. But, it seems to me that a lot of the action at this weight class is outside the Big Ten. For instance, Steve Fittery and Adam Hall. I haven't seen hardly anything on American University on this site, and Boise State might as well be in Mongolia for all I know. When I do see things on Arizona State Jenkins is in, then out, then in.

So, it's a little early to be calling the NCAA's but at 157 how are we looking? Can Taylor take Hall? Can Taylor take Fittery? What about Jenkins, Peppleman (Harvard) and Dong (VT)? Being a bit of a Penn State fan, I'd like to see Taylor get an NCAA championship, but has he really faced his toughest competition yet?