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Thread: Early Season Reflections

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    Default Early Season Reflections

    Just some ramblings off the top of my head about each weight at the one and a half month mark...

    125: Esco still is deservedly ranked #1 right now, but it'll be interesting to see how his shoulder winds up treating him when he comes up against the bigger guns of the weight class. Hopefully we see him at Midlands as at minimum #2 Falck, and #3 Precin will be there. Falck looks good, still can't get off bottom against guys but he's found a way to win thus far. Precin really impressed me when he put a beating on Pataky in the MSU Open semi finals. Nickerson and Donahoe loom as variables in this weight come second semester. Great crop of freshmen here as well with Sanders, Sentes, Garnett, and Brian Owen.

    133: Kennedy has probably made the most noise here thus far with his win in the All Star over Ness, and his win in the Vegas finals over Hochstrasser but until he proves that he can beat Gomez he's deservedly in the #2 spot. Much like Escobedo it'll be interesting to see Gomez when he comes up against some of the heavyweights in the weight at Midlands. Nick Fanthorpe has looked like arguably the most improved guy in the nation this year, and had he cut Slaton and started going for TD's its entirely possible that he could have tech falled him. Ness has beaten his lower level competition badly, but he has the two one point losses to the only top ten guys he's wrestled thus far.

    141: Much like last year, this weight is a zoo. Tsirtsis has the #1 spot for now and he deserves it with his wins thus far over Drouin and Gallick. Jaggers has had a rough go so far, but that seems to be his M.O. to drop a few early in the year and then turn it on late when he gets comfortable with his weight. Vegas was just an odd weekend for a lot of guys at this weight. Mike Grey has had it even worse than Jaggers and I would assume will likely head back to 133 when weight rules allow it. Thorn has looked good, but had an odd weekend of ups and downs at Vegas. To blow my DE horn Chris Diaz has wins over Cleveland, Tanelli, and Hernandez all in the last week or two.

    149: Metcalf is obviously the best guy at this weight, I think the top 4 are all kind of a step above the rest of the competition here, we've shuffled through a number of "#5's" and don't really seem to have settled on one yet. Jenkins has been kind of quiet thus far as the #2 so far, but he has a major over this week's #5 Saddoris so he's definitely still there. Caldwell has his two wins over Palmer so far.

    157: This weight is going to be TOUGH. We haven't seen Poeta yet, Vallimont has some tough losses including a major to Gillespie, Mike Chandler has an upset win over JP O'Connor, who has a win over defending national champion Jordan Leen, who has a pin over Cyler Sanderson but who was also beaten in the Vegas finals this past weekend by newcomer Jordan Burroughs who also has a win over redshirting Dustin Schlatter. I think a Burroughs with 8 more pounds is going to be really, really tough for guys here to beat.

    165: Nick Marable who was dubbed by many (myself included) as the definitive favorite here has stumbled out of the gate with OT losses to Rendos and Chris Breezy. We'll see #2 Fay and a seemingly much improved with 8 more pounds #4 Ryan Morningstar here soon, and then Jarrod King has just quietely worked his way up the rankings by beating all the guys put in front of him. Reader was destroying people until he lost his offense against Morningstar. Sponseller had a big weekend at Vegas and seems to have cleaned up his wrestling a little bit, but his struggles on the mat against Lewnes and Fay show that he still has a ways to go. Lewnes looked a little unspectacular the only time I've seen him actually wrestle this year against Friend but he's steamrolled most of his other competition.

    174: Steve Luke absolutely lit his bracket in Vegas up this past weekend. Save for his finals match against Brandon Browne he wasn't exactly wrestling the best competition but for a guy who is characterized as a defensive wrestler it was pretty impressive. Borschel has looked a little "off" thus far but he's won all his matches save for the All Star meet against Luke. Brandon Browne is probably the quietest top 3 ranked guy in the whole country. Jordan has looked good in his move down, the only big name he's wrestled thus far is Lucas who he beat and its entirely possible that he takes this weight given his success already at 184. Letts has been generally destroying people, but he's in redshirt.

    184: I think this is generally going to become a showdown between Herbert and Pucillo for the title, Herbert looks great so far, and Pucillo has been hurt and hasn't wrestled so that is TBD I guess. Keddy hasn't lost but he still shows his tendency to only be able to find a takedown once a match against good competition, and I personally think that when he wrestles Kirk Smith who he beat close several times last year he's going to get the result turned around on him. Kilgore has looked very tough save for getting beaten badly by the aformentioned Smith at the Body Bar.

    197: Jake Varner appears to have found some offense. Thus far he's been sitting on top of the rankings and letting the guys underneath him beat up on one another. This is kind of a result of ISU's schedule but Jake Varner: 13 Hudson Taylor: 1 is the most surprised I've been by an individual match score in quite a while. Then his 4-0 win over Dallas Herbst didn't show nearly how one sided that match was. Taylor has kind of had a rough go so far with that loss to Varner, one to Max Askren, and then a fall this past weekend to Cayle Byers. Craig Brester has looked very good, it would have been great to see him and Todd in the Vegas finals this past weekend unfortunately Todd seems to be hurt now. Really excited to see Varner, Brester, and Askren lock up in Big 12 matches. Clayton Foster may have turned the corner this year too as he seemed like he wrestled very well at Northeast Duals.

    285: Rosholt seems like he's a cut above everyone else. He's gotten very big, but he's still able to move around and get his shots on guys. Z looks like he's off to having another good year and had Rosholt's number for a while, but then Rosholt started turning things around on him at the end of last year. Mitch Monteiro had a major coming out party this past weekend at Vegas and is a small heavy like Z. I won't count my preseason pick Scott Steele out here either.

    Best so far: Metcalf
    Most Improved: Fanthorpe

    Just two "awards" I felt like giving, by all means if you like contribute your own.

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    Default Re: Early Season Reflections

    I disagree...

    About Lewnes. He put a SPANKING on Colt in vegas, I seem to remember someone calling that but I'm not sure who it was

    Also dont read too much into the fanthorpe match. I mean slaton was DONE about 1:30 in, fanthrope might has well have been wrestling a dummy as a live opponent. Not saying fanthrope hasnt gotten better but that match definitely doesnt prove it.

    Good breakdown though
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    Default Re: Early Season Reflections

    I haven't watched the Lewnes v. Sponseller match yet, but if you notice I gave him credit save for the match against Friend for beating all his other opponents (Sponseller included!) badly.

    Fanthorpe has been lighting all his other opponents up even without the Slaton match. Last year he would win those matches but this year he's just killing people.

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    Default Re: Early Season Reflections

    The one hour weigh in had a little to do with Slaton being gassed so bad. He had to cut the last few pounds late. That being said Fanthorpe is wrestling really well. I question why Dennis wasn't in there. We will see what kind of progress Slaton makes in the next few weeks leading to the Midlands.
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    Default Re: Early Season Reflections

    You didn't talk enough about Metcalf.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    Default Re: Early Season Reflections

    141 seems to be a zoo the last couple of years with no clear cut favorite, makes each match up exciting and important

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    Default Re: Early Season Reflections

    Its odd how the paradigm at that weight has shifted. Gallick and Ware were the class of that weight for basically two years. Gallick lost one match over that span, the 05 final to Ware and then Ware generally only lost to Gallick.

    Now everyone beats everyone.

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    Default Re: Early Season Reflections

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Gallick lost one match over that span, the 05 final to Ware
    Thank you for reminding me.....

    Can't remember the last time I screamed at my TV that much....
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: Early Season Reflections

    Best match I've seen is The Burroughs /Leen final at CK-most surprising to me is Hochsrasser -after his mission he has come back and kicked butt -don't know exactly how long he was out -the missions are usually 2 years and then he took a year off -so I don't know how he has stayed so sharp-plus he'll get better the more matches he gets under his belt .
    Last years champion at 141 has 5-6 losses already and I don't count any points at 141 as anyone can beat anyone else -no top 3-5 like in every other weight class -30 guys could conceivably take the podium . Only one at a time though .

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