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Discuss Incivility at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; (From Wikipedia ) Incivility is a general term for social behaviour lacking in civility or ...
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    Default Incivility

    (From Wikipedia)
    is a general term for social behaviour lacking in civility or good manners, on a scale from rudeness or lack of respect for elders, to vandalism and hooliganism, through public drunkenness and threatening behaviour.<sup id="cite_ref-0" class="reference"></sup> The word "incivility" is derived from the Latin incivilis, meaning "not of a citizen".

    From JensenS (who can't even address me by name)
    If you can't discuss things on this site without resorting to "I'm going to beat you up" (and this isn't the first time that you've done this) we're going to start having major issues.

    Bare it in mind.

    MY Response:
    That fact that you let posters talk in a way that they would never talk to a person in person means you just condone this cyber-bully mentality. Especially since you called Chop a DB. That was uncalled for. Its degrading but thats ok with you.

    And then all I say is if you want to degrade me to my face come do it & NOW you are offended??? Thats a joke JensenS. If Zapp or Dback or you said that $hit to my face I would ask the offending person to take it back & if they didn't or they kept it up the trash talk, I would deck the person who persisted in trying to publicly degrade me.

    Beat up? One punch is all I need to shut up someone who insists on degrading others. Only b/c those type of people only understand that sort of communication. Rational conversation isn't in their frame of reference. And people like it when a BULLY gets laid out.

    Btw, any cat worth his stones would. that If you can't see that then I guess you are just another member of the cyber-bully club which in my book are all just pu$$ies. You want to talk in a degrading fashion to another human being say it to their face but NO ONE here apparently has gonads to do it.

    I bet a wad of money that you would never have the nutz to call Chop a DB to his face. FACT. But hiding behind your computer makes it ok for you to do. I would bet that you couldn't tell your mother that you called someone a DB as you would be to embarrassed.

    In case you didn't know most of the older posters HATE this sort of $hit of hiding behind your ID & computer. Notice I don't hide. Anyone could come find out where I live.

    I don't know what your problem is but you seem to have been against me from the start. Even when guys were trashing my religion that was ok with you but then when Sparky attacked others for the CHRISTIAN beliefs then you ban him. And any good contributions I have made to this board you have completely ignored whereas Jake hasn't.

    Your hand doesn't administer evenly my friend.

    If I was Jake I would going a bit nuts the way you treat "your customers." While he is trying to make money for your website you just insult people personally like Herkey or anyone who disagrees with you.

    And after its just fucking wrestling. It ain't civil unrest in Egypt where those people have more problems in one day then you will have in one lifetime.

    If you are going to curb incivility on the board it starts with you since this is your board. But you set the bar by calling people DBs instead just questioning the guy rationally. It's hypocritical.

    Sorry you can't see it as 90% of the time I have a good time coming here in spite of the antics you allow. And notice I am not called you any names but just trying to point how this board could be better but it is all up to you.

    Someone disagrees with me? I don't care. Someone as a result of that disagreement starts making it personal? I won't put up with it. You shouldn't either but you do or it only "offends" you when it suits you.

    Maybe Badcat was out of line with his eatshit website but Zapp calling him out for doing the same thing he did was also hypocritical. And when I call him out on it he tells me to get bent which is really telling me to get phkd. He would never say that to me in person.And when I tell him to come say it to me in person THAT is what offends you??? You should have been offended a long time ago.

    And Herky sorry you think I look foolish for standing up to someone who would try and degrade me. In the beginning of the season you &I had some good IMs & as much as one can have a "friend" on this website I started to consider you one. Sorry our athletic alliances have sort of gotten in the way of that. Notice that any time you have come on the PSU boards I have welcome you. If you were attacked in an unwarranted fashion I stood up for you & of course If I disagreed with you I let you know.

    If you watch the videos I posted over the weekend you will see that I am generally one of the most affable people you could meet. However when met with INCIVILITY I fight fire with fire NO DOUBT.

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    Default Re: Incivility

    All that I will add to this-and I'm over and out on it-is that I'm becoming more and more sold on forums requiring that people post only with their real names; no more handles. That eliminates much of this stuff.

    Yes, I use a handle, but I came up with it so long ago that it is now how people know how to identify me.

    In JensenS defense, we had our issues in the past and I felt like I was being "singled out" as well. Since then I've come to learn that if you treat him with respect you get respect in return. Just a pointer that I can give...
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    Default Re: Incivility

    You make some good points, but why cant you just let it die? It's time to move on and quit bringing this stuff up. Everyone involved is at fault to some degree. LET IT GO man.

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    Default Re: Incivility

    I did by venting in this post Herk....(exhale....)

    point taken Ban...and I think that my discussions with you are a perfect point. There are things we have agreed upon in the past & most recently disagreed upon but we haven't gotten in the name calling.

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    Default Re: Incivility

    I like Herkey's recommendation here, so I'm going to go ahead and close this thread because I can't see it going anywhere even resembling productive.

    Kr, if you or any of the "older posters" (who I guess find it more productive to complain in private rather than bring issues to my attention) pm me and we'll discuss them in more detail.
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