Finally got the chance to watch the rebroadcast of Iowa v. Penn State last night, for some reason my DVR spent the first half hour recording some B10 Legends broadcast (probably screwed up in setting it) so all I saw was the first seven weights. It cut off just as Gambrall was finishing his first TD against the weak minded one.

125: McD went out and did what he was supposed to do. He did a nice job going to that dump a couple of times to pick up TD's, not really a move I'd seen him hit a lot in the past. Have always loved the step over the legs and walk to the head cradle that he finished the match with.

133: I actually watched this match twice because I was trying to figure out what Ramos was doing in order to stay away from Long's underhook. Still don't really know what he was doing. He had a heavy lead with his left side, but its just hard to believe that that was all it would take after watching Long get to his underhook so effortlessly against everyone (including McDonough) last year. Long didn't look as bad as people painted him out, I expected him to be listless. He took a lot of shots, just couldn't finish them.

141: I mentioned to Zapp last night that I find the fact that people are using this match as some kind of indictment of Cael Sanderson's coaching ability to be pretty ridiculous given that Andrew Alton is a true freshman wrestling the defending NCAA finalist to an 11-9 match. Had Mike Evans come out of RS and wrestled Mack Lewnes to a match like that I can't imagine those same people would be trying to say that demonstrated Brands was deficient as a coach. Moving on to the match. First off, Marion WAS NOT pinned. Alton definitely gassed but this was the first match we've seen him have anything even resembling issues. Marion did a great job keeping him off balance from the beginning. Usually Alton is the guy controlling the hand fighting but he seemed jumpy from the beginning here

149: Molinaro had the major when he got the TD for 9-2 but then went and got greedy. Mark Ballweg did a great job wrestling hard over that last minute and thereby saving the bonus point. While watching early I wondered why he was forcing the ride on top when he was getting easy TD's. Although I have the same thought when watching a lot of guys.

157: Dominant performance by Taylor and it speaks to his progression just over the last six or seven months that he was able to do this to a guy that he split matches with over the summer. Since his demolition of Paul Young in the Scuffle finals he's kind of struggled in terms of getting backs, but he's so good on his feet now (wonder where he gets that from?) that it hasn't hurt him. As for the other things that people have talked about relating to this match, Taylor definitely caught a finger to the eye the first time he called for injury time in the third period. The second time you couldn't tell since the ref was in the way. Most overrated exchange of "shoves" ever at the end of the match. Reading testimonies from both sides I expected something a lot more blatant than the little nudge each guy gave the other one.

165: Just a solid win by Aaron Jannsen, similar to 125 this is what you expected to happen here. Don't really know anything else to say.

174: Ed Ruth continues to be brutally effective at finishing once he gets to legs. Did a nice job defending too on the few times that Lofthouse got in on his legs. Similar to Mark Ballweg, Lofthouse did a nice job keeping Ruth tied up in the third period to save the bonus point.