(ONLY be oldfart asked my opinion)

Only because you asked! Everyone here knows I stay out of the prediction game usually. And remember, this dual is in Minny.

125 McDonough v Sanders +3 Iowa
Just can't see Sanders getting over the hump here with McD but I like him to know how to keep it close.

133 Ramos v Thorn +3 Iowa
I like Thorn and he will be on a high learning curve but I think Ramos is just too slick and keeps good position on his feet. I need to know more about both of these guys but I give it to Ramos for now.

141 Marion v Thorn +3 Minny
This will be a war. I think its a nod to Thorn bc he is at home and he has learned how to be more disciplined. He feeds off the crowd and they love him at home. Marion could be the one to get Iowa motivated though to turn this thing in their favor.

149 Ballweg v Zilverburg +3 Iowa
This will be bumped up Ballweg now but I like how Zilverburg has progressed. He keeps this competitive throughout as he fills his weight normally but he will lose a close decision here.

157 DSJ v Grygelko +4 Iowa
Grygelko is a heart breaker, if he gives up fall here, Iowa could take it home. If he keeps good position and stays technically aggressive he keeps this a major or a decision. The Jake Deitchler effect could be in play here by mid February or not. I am going to say regardless that DSJ would still beat JD just out of rust.

165 Janssen v Yohn +3 Minny
Because I think he will. But I have nothing to back that up, but Im honest. If this was CHA I would give this to Iowa.

174 Lofthouse v Glasser +3 Minny
Glasser has a way of sometimes not showing up for the big match. I think he shows up here at home and brings this one home for the Gophrs. Lofthouse and Glasser both have off nights from time to time but Glasser has more experience. If this was in Iowa I would give it to Iowa.

184 Gambrall v Steinhaus +3 Minny
Two big bucks going at it. Steinhaus has proven he can stay with anyone in the country. That also means guys he SHOULD beat worse. Steinhaus in a match by 1 to 2 points.

197 Lofthouse v Yohn +3 Minny
Rumor has it Yohn is close to being ready. By mid February, he should be back in the groove and defeat a very game opponent in Lofthouse.

Hwt Rasing v Nelson +3 Minny
I think Nelson is just too athletic for Rasing but Nelson has struggled pulling away from anyone. This will be a close match with the match on the line I think.

You can EASILY make an argument against my picks at 141, 165, 174, 184, 197 and heavy and all of those go the Gophers way. Thats scary.

I still say regardless this dual comes down to whomever's heavy weight wins it, wins the dual.

18-13 Minny.

I think the 141 match is the key. If Marion turns that around and gets Iowa pumped, Woah Nelly, Katie bar the door!