125 - Mcdonough DEC Garnett (Garnett has a habit of getting stuck or majored if he's not on....that being said he wins matches he's not supposed to either) 3-0 Iowa

133 - Carter DEC Ramos (this could be bonus for Tech) 3-3

141 - Marion DEC Diaz 6-3 Iowa (toss up but advantage Marion)

149 - Stephens DEC Ballweg 6-6 (Jake Ballweg isn't there yet)

157 - Dong DEC St. John 9-6 Tech (another good one)

165 - Yates DEC Janssen (This goes either way....but i'm going to give Iowa the nod later....) 12-6 Tech

174 - Lofthouse MD Epperly 12-10 Tech

184 - Gambrall DEC Spellman (here is another too close to call....just seem to think that Gambrall wins....plus i gave yates over Janssen) 13-12 Iowa

197 - Lofthouse MD Penny 17-12 Iowa

HWT - Marone DEC Raising 17-15 Iowa

Pretty awesome match. 141, 149, 157, 165, 184 and HWT are basically toss ups. A VA Tech win would mean the world to their program. Guess we'll only get to see team scores @ NCAA.

It was just a few years ago when Iowa won and VA Tech scored 0 at the tourney.