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Thread: #1 Penn State v. #6 Iowa Predictions/Discussion

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    Here it is boys and girls:
    125-Mcd WMD Pataky-4-0 Iowa(WBF if it's not Pataky)
    133-Long wbd Ramos-4-3 Iowa
    141-Alton wbd Marion 6-4 PSU
    149-Molinaro WMD Ballweg-10-4 PSU
    157-Taylor WMD DSJ 14-4 PSU
    165-Jannsen WBD Kemerer 14-7 PSU
    174-Ruth WBD Lofthouse 17-7-PSU
    184-Wright WBD Gambrall 20-7-PSU
    197-Lofthouse WBD Ruggear/Ortega 20-10
    285-Wade WBD Planet 23-10

    Streak is over.

    Iowa magic is good for about one upset a dual. Not 7.

    I think there will probably a match that goes the opposite in Iowas column, but there is no available evidence to predict which one that could be, probably 84 though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    125: McD MDEC Pataky/McD FALL Back Up 4-0/6-0 Iowa
    133: Long DEC Ramos 4-3/6-3 Iowa
    141: Alton DEC Marion (First match back, not a great way to get back in; I think Marion outplaces him) 4-6/6-6 PSU/Tie
    149: Molinaro MDEC Ballweg (Ballweg needs to not give up bonus, but Frank has been on a tear) 4-10/6-10 PSU
    157: Taylor DEC St. John (just too good on top, and St. John struggles on bottom...could get worse) 4-13/6-13 PSU
    165: Janssen DEC Kemerer 7-13/9-13 PSU
    174: Ruth DEC E. Lofthouse 7-16/9-16 PSU
    184: Gambrall DEC Wright (Upset special. Gambrall beat him really good in HS when he wasn't supposed to, I think he wins again a la Nauman over Russel) 10-16/12-16 PSU
    197: L. Lofthouse MDEC Ruggear/Ortega 14-16/16-16 PSU/Tie
    HWT: Wade DEC Rasing 14-19/16-19 PSU
    It will be interesting to see MM vs Alton. I guess if MM has been wrestling with Metcalf the last month or so he could be in ok shape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltz View Post
    Sig bet on your Wade MD over Rasing? Since Rasing has only lost by Dec and only 1 fall. Has not given up a major or tech. If he comes out offensive like he did against OSU he could beat Wade.
    No, I don't want to sig bet it because he's so big and strong. I definitely don't see him beating Wade though. Keep in mind that the guy that was wrestling for OSU might not be getting any scholarship money at all. I don't know, maybe 5-10%, but he was "just" a couple time state qualifier. I put "just" in quotation marks because that's a lot more than I accomplished and I don't mean to bring him down, but he's not a guy that should be starting in the Big 10.

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    So I am wrong on this forum more than ANYONE but I would say after what DT has done to Young twice and Sponseller that DSJ beating him WOULD be the upset of the year. That would be SHOCKING however, no, by definition, not "beyond the realm of possibility".
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    I picked DT to win by TF. St.John is good but DT and Fittery are on a complete other plane from all other 157's .

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    Dual has been moved to same day tape delay on BTN rather than being shown on Monday.
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    was wondering about the possibility of mcdonough bumping to 33 to wrestle long? can ramos cut to 25? is he certified there? if pataky doesn't go iowa can probably throw their own freshman out there for a decision. that seems like a better shot for iowa heading into the alotn/marion taylor/st john matches. anyone hear anything or know a certs?

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    It seems like every year people hypothesize if guys will bump up or not for one dual. It never happens and it definitely won't happen this year w/ Iowa in my opinion.

    Tony Ramos needs to be able to beat Andrew Long, if not now, then at NCAA's. The team(whose goal is to win NCAA's) stands to gain nothing if they don't give Tony a chance to wrestle him.
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    vais makes sense but didn't know brands' mindset on the "streak" and that sounds like their best bet. also, with mcdonough, at this point, not being dominate at 25 and ramos seemingly a "little" 33 lber, perhaps they just juggle the two and leave them there. it might be that is where they will be next year anyway. just thinking out loud. with the way he is wrestling this year so far mcdonough seems to have as good a chance beating oliver or hoch as he does robles or precin and a far better chance than ramos. again just thinking out loud on my snow day in front of my computer adjusting my fantasy team. (which by the way does own mcdon.)

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