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Thread: #1 Penn State v. #6 Iowa Predictions/Discussion

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    Iowa Dual: Running Blog - No. 8 Iowa 22, No. 1 Penn State 13

    By Tony Mancuso, Athletic Communications on <abbr class="published" title="2011-01-30T12:25:48-05:00">January 30, 2011 12:25 PM</abbr> | No Comments | No TrackBacks

    UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Welcome inside Rec Hall for's live blog from today's dual between the No. 1 Nittany Lions (13-1, 2-1) and the three-time defending national champion and No. 8 Iowa Hawkeyes (11-0-1, 3-0).

    Take a look back at Iowa's upset victory over the top-ranked Nittany Lions inside a sold out Rec Hall.

    Sold Out Crowd Seated and Ready
    The highly anticipated clash between the top-ranked Nittany Lions and Iowa Hawkeyes has been circled for months. The sold out crowd began filing in two hours prior to the first bout. With 15 minutes on the clock prior to the bout, there was not a seat to be found inside Rec Hall. Sitting mat-side, the atmosphere is electric leading up to the 125-pound match. Every inch of the track circling the top of the building is packed with people. "Pack the track" is alive and well inside Rec Hall this afternoon. Stay tuned as we await the first bout of the afternoon.

    125 - McDonough Tallies a Pin for Iowa
    No. 2 Matt McDonough took control of the 125-pound in the first period against Nittany Lion freshman Nate Morgan, who made his dual-match debut on Sunday afternoon. McDonough used four takedowns to build an 8-3 advantage after three minutes of wrestling. From there, McDonough tallied a victory by pinfall at the 4:16 mark in the match. The sophomore handed the Hawkeyes a 6-0 lead in the match.

    133 - Ramos Edges Long
    No. 5 Andrew Long and No. 10 Tony Ramos from Iowa wrestled to a 0-0 tie after the first period, but Long tallied an escape within the first 10 seconds of period two to claim a 1-0 lead on the scoreboard. Long was aggressive throughout the first four minutes of action, but Ramos claimed the first takedown of the match off the left edge of the mat. Long answered with an escape point to square things heading into the third. One escape from Ramos was all the Iowa freshman needed in the final period to claim a slim 3-2 advantage on the final scoreboard. Ramos and Long battled for seven minutes, but Long's shot attempts fell short. Iowa built a 9-0 lead following the 133-pound battle.

    141 - Alton Upset by Marion
    The Nittany Lions got a boost in the first period from No. 5 Andrew Alton at 141. Alton has been tremendous in his first season in Penn State blue and white. Alton tallied a takedown and a three-point near fall late in the first period. The Lion freshman was moments from tallying a pinfall victory before Montell Marion managed to slip free off the mat. Alton's 5-0 lead was quickly trimmed down to 5-4. Marion stayed on the attack in the final two periods en route to a 10-9 upset victory for the Hawkeyes. Alton snagged a 9-8 lead in the final minute of action with an escape, but a late takedown from Marion and the riding point handed the Hawkeyes a 12-0 advantage in the overall match score.

    149 - Molinaro Downs Mark Bellweg to Put the Lions on the Board
    No. 5 Frank Molinaro took control of his bout with Iowa's Mark Ballweg in the opening period. Molinaro snagged a 2-0 with a takedown in the first period. He also controlled the riding time from the opening whistle. Molinaro also added two more takedowns in the second period and one in the third on the way to Penn State's first victory in the match. The Nittany Lion junior moved to 20-2 on the season with a 10-3 victory. Molinaro's victory gave the Lions a nice boost leading into the final bout before the final match prior to halftime.

    157 - Taylor Battles to Victory Over St. John
    The Nittany Lions tallied their second victory of the afternoon following a hotly contested affair between No. 3 David Taylor and No. 14 David St. John. The score was really never in doubt for the talented Nittany Lion freshman, but several attacks from the Iowa freshman towards Taylor's face turned the bout into a heated seven minutes of wrestling. Nonetheless, Taylor registered three takedowns, a reversal and a dominant effort in riding time en route to a 12-4 victory. Taylor's major decision trimmed Iowa's lead to 12-7 heading into the halftime break. Give Taylor credit for battling to a much-needed dominant victory despite being poked in the eye several times against St. John. The Lion freshman is now 26-0 on the season.

    165 - Jenssen Downs Kemerer
    No. 14 Aaron Jenssen ousted Nittany Lion Jake Kemerer by a 6-2 margin at 165 pounds. Jenssen mustered takedowns in the first and third periods on his way to the decision. Kemerer battled Jenssen for seven minutes, but the Hawkeye senior dictated the riding time and benefitted from two key takedowns to tally Iowa's fourth victory of the afternoon. Iowa's lead on the scoreboard was 15-7 after six bouts.

    174 - Ruth Topples Lofthouse
    Freshman Ed Ruth sliced Iowa's overall match lead down to 15-10 with a 10-3 decision over No. 13 Ethan Lofthouse from Iowa. Ruth's aggressive style built a 4-1 lead for the Lion freshman after one period. From there, Ruth added two more take downs on his way to seven-point victory. Ruth has been impressive throughout his first season on the mat for the Nittany Lions. Ruth's overall match record is a stout 24-1 this season.

    184 - Wright Falls to Gambrall in Upset
    Despite Ruth's victory at 174, No. 16 Grant Gambrall from Iowa quickly halted the Nittany Lion momentum with a 8-3 decision over No. 6 Quentin Wright. Wright trailed throughout the bout after Gambrall posted a first period takedown. From there, the Iowa sophomore utilized a significant advantage in riding time to claim the Iowa victory. With two bouts to go, Iowa built an 18-10 on the scoreboard.

    197 - Lofthouse Downs Ortega
    No. 14 Lue Lofthouse clinched the overall match victory for the Hawkeyes with a 17-6 major decision triumph over Justin Ortega at 197. The match turned in Lofthouse's favor for good when he tallied an escape and a takedown in the final seconds of the first period. From there, Lofthouse cruised to the victory to put the Hawkeyes up 22-10 in the overall match.

    285 - Wade Clips Raising, 1-0
    No. 5 Cameron Wade and Iowa's Blake Raising wrestled two scoreless periods in the heavyweight bout on Sunday afternoon. Wade got on the board with an escape point early in the third period, which set the score at 1-0. That would be all Wade needed to claim a slim victory against the Hawkeyes. With Wade's victory, the Nittany Lions claimed four bout victories in the 22-13 match victory for the three-time defending champion Iowa Hawkeyes.

    Final Thoughts
    The top-ranked Nittany Lion wrestling team came into Sunday's bout with No. 8 Iowa with aspirations of snapping the Hawkeyes' 72-match unbeaten streak, but the three-time defending national champions built an early cushion on the way to an overall victory on the scoreboard. You can point to the first three matches for the Hawkeyes on Sunday afternoon. Iowa set the tone with a pin at 125 and then two upset victories at 133 and 141. Penn State rallied with wins at 149, 157 and 174, but the fast start from Iowa was the difference on Sunday afternoon. Penn State's first loss of the season sends the Lions into a road weekend at Michigan State and Michigan. Give a tip of the cap to the 6,686 fans that helped create an incredible atmosphere for wrestling inside Rec Hall. The Lions will return home to face Illinois on Feb. 11.

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    That was really one of the most gutsy performances I have seen from a team in quite some time. Congratulations to the Hawkeyes. So are the Hawkeyes that good or is Penn State just not as good as billed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    That was really one of the most gutsy performances I have seen from a team in quite some time. Congratulations to the Hawkeyes. So are the Hawkeyes that good or is Penn State just not as good as billed?
    I was entirely wrong about the outcome of this dual. I predicted roughly the same score, in PSU's favor, and had said that Iowa had better bring two sets of balls each along with them. Well, they brought three. Phan, I agree that this win was as gutsy as it gets. In my opinion, this dual means that Iowa is much better than anyone thought, and that PSU is still a young team with a bit to learn.

    This dual changes a lot of things, most importantly that it maybe is not "just a matter of time". This Hawk team is just as young as PSU's squad, and they will only get better from here on out. PSU's ascension to the throne is no longer guaranteed. Now, things gets fun.

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    Well deserved win by the Hawkeyes, very gutty effort. Will be interesting to watch this when its replayed on BTN.

    Going to be hard to keep them out of the #1 ranking for now anyway given that they're the only team that is still undefeated.
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    Default Re: #1 Penn State v. #6 Iowa Predictions/Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badcat View Post
    I have the score 29 - 13 for PSU

    125 - McDonough WBF Iowa 6
    133 - Long Dec PSU 3
    141 - Alton MDec PSU 7
    149 - Malinaro WBF PSU 13
    157 - Taylor TF PSU 18
    165 - Jannen dec Iowa 9
    174 - Ruth MDec PSU 22
    184 - Wright MDec PSU 26
    197 - Lofthouse MDec Iowa 13
    285 - Wade Dec PSU 29

    Oh, and Tom Brands throws his chair onto the mat much to the delight of Iowa fans in attendance. Sorry...could resist stirring the pot a bit. He He He
    You, sir, are a genius. Could you give me the Lotto numbers for next week?
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    3 out of 10 aint bad...
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    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Well four if you consider that Long was involved in a decision.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
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    I didn't see Long losing to Ramos other then that everything went the way I thought. Without that it would have been 19-16 Iowa (I predicted 18-16 as I I thought Ruggear could avoid the major with Lofthouse instead Ortega did give it up).

    PSU just got punched in the mouth by an Iowa team in a rebuilding year. I think this validates Brand's coaching ability (@ least scheduling ability) in terms of getting his guys ready all year long. Wrestling those patsies earlier has paid off. It gave him to evaluate his team & build their confidence up.

    I think that maybe some of the guys were not ready for the Iowa intensity. Iowa's dual meet speed is equal to most team's NCAA speed.

    It was also noticeable that Alton had the pin but didn't get the call & that effected him & I think the rest of the team. When you feel you were "gypped" or "ripped off" you can get stuck in that moment. I think a little bit of that happened. That's a 9 point swing & it would have ended up in a tie probably. I am not going to say woulda shoulda but that was a mental stinger for sure also with Long losing a close one.

    The mental preparedness falls on the coaches & either they didn't do a good job communicating or they kids didn't get it. I think next time he talks to them about GAME SPEED they will get it. They have a few tough duals with Wisky & Minny coming up & those should be intense as well.

    I talked to Frank, David & Cael afterwards & you could see that they were pained by this, (I was next to the camera person in the PSU AD video I posted above but you don't hear any of my questions) You could tell that they wanted "a do over."

    DT said that he still believed that they had the #1 team in the country. The only kids talking were Frank, David & Cam Wade, (Ed Ruth did one interview & left) DT was the 1st one out so I got the feeling that this RS freshman feels that he is a leader & he needed to step out & say something about this team. Quite admirable & unexpected really.

    Frank had a disappointment in his eyes that made you feel bad for him. It showed you that despite his win he was thinking about the team, (that's point really). He made comment about NOT getting a major when he felt he should have. I asked him about his leadership role with the young guys & he said he was it was going to be important to step that up.

    Cael basically thought that Iowa brought 10 guys who wrestled where obviously Penn State did not, (pretty much a direct quote). He was obviously not happy & he took a long time to come out of the locker room. He specifically talked about both Andrews. When someone asked him if Quentin's shoulder was a factor all he said was NO. And he didn't bring up that match again. That told me all I needed to know about that.

    One of things I talked about on Jeff Byer's post-dual radio show was the Mike Tyson factor: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." PSU got punched in the mouth today (as I mentioned before). And I think that PSU just didn't correctly estimate the correct order of magnitude. I mean that they knew that they might get hit but they had no idea how hard it was going to be.

    It will be interesting to see how Cael handles the team & what the results will be next week with Michigan & Michigan State, (2 teams they should dominate). If they falter @ all you will know that they took the Iowa loss a bit more personally.

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