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    I'm certain this has been answered more than a few times, but I'll run with it.

    When is the last time, if ever, that even one bracket had everyone wrestle to their seed at NCAAs?

    Also, what is the largest number of top seeds to win the NCAAs in one year?

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    Good question, go Google that and get back to us!
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    Good question, go Google that and get back to us!
    Thanks for making a positive addition to the thread. Instead of taking your suggestion, I'll go ahead and allow you or someone else to do the work for me and the rest of us.

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    I don't know the answer to that question, but I do know that in fantasy games where you pick the top 8 placers in each weight, the guy who just picks their places according to their seeds usually wins, by a lot.

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    Seems like there are usually a good amount of weights that get the top 4 to the semis, but then things go haywire on the backside.

    Last year 6 one seeds won the tournament, 5 weights were 1 vs 2. 133 placed the top 4 in order and came the closest to having the top 8 at least seeded. Steve Bell was the 9th seed and placed 8th, 7th seed Grey did not place. 285 also placed 1-4 correctly, and all placers were seeded, 11 seed Monteiro and 9 seed Ellis also placed. 197 was the only other weight where all wrestlers who placed were seeded.

    2009 had 4 one seeds win, and 4 weights between 1 and 2 seeds. No weight got the top 4 correct.

    2008 had 4 one seeds win, 5 one vs two finals. No weight got the top 4 correct although several were close.

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    I'd bet a lot of money that everyone wrestling to their seed has never happened. That would mean the 1-8 seeds finished 1-8 in the correct order, and 9th-12th seeds all made it to the Round of 12. Seems close to impossible to me.
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    2007 125 had 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 9 seeds place top 8, but not in the correct order. 2006 149 had the top 8 seeds all AA, but the the order was 1,2,3,4,6,8,7,5. Pretty close.

    I searched two years and found those two. Seems unlikely that I came that close in both years, I'll bet it has happened sometime, based on this tiny sample.

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    1st: Vernon Logan [1] - Oklahoma State (9-3) over 2nd: Ted Seabrooke [2] - Illinois
    3rd: LeLand Merrill [3] - Michigan State (5-4) over 4th: Milton Bennett [4] - Navy

    ........but there were only 4 seeds back then
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    I am always fascinated by looking at previous NCAA berackets, so I went to and the most recent I found was all the way back to 1959 at 130 lb

    1. Stan Abel Oklahoma
    2. Les Anderson Iowa State
    3. Brandon Glover VaTech
    4 Clarence McNair Kent State

    There were only four AA back then as well.

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