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Thread: New Gopher Recruit

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    Congratulations. You almost have 1/3 of a wrestling team.

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    Way to go Goph. Time to join Club Minivan.

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    Day #2, Mom and Zander are good. Dad now remembers what the sound of crying babies is like. I guess its back to being elbow deep into diapers again as well.

    8 lbs 9 oz
    20.5 inches

    My wife is my hero, that is all I have to say. Big would not have wanted any part of her about 15 minutes into giving birth.

    Thanks for all the kind words.

    Jensens, Jaegerbomb was a no go with his mom but we can all call him that here if we want. I for one thing it goes much better with Jensens as in Jaegerbomb Jensen.
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