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Thread: Oregon State 24, CSU Bakersfield 10

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    Default Oregon State 24, CSU Bakersfield 10

    125-Iwamura (CSUB) def. Lara, 13-4;
    133-Drucker (OS) def. Mendoza, 15-3;
    141-Mangrum (OS) def. Nacita, 9-4;
    149-Sakaguchi (OS) def. Cardenas, 6-1;
    157-Elder (OS) def. Balch, 7-2;
    165-Brascetta (OS) def. Hall, 8-5;
    174-Covington (OS) def. Granata by TF at 6:10 (22-7);
    184-Goodban (CSUB) def. Arand, 8-6;
    197-Orozco (CSUB) def. Hanke, 7-3
    285-Jack (OS) def. Morgan, 3-1 (SV);

    Started at heavyweight. Some interesting results.

    -Lara gets majored by some guy I've never heard of. How inconsistent is Lara? Geez. Mangrum over Nacita.
    -COVINGTON wrestling again. I like.
    -Jack goes to OT

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    Default Re: Oregon State 24, CSU Bakersfield 10

    Iwamura was ranked earlier in the year -#15-17-then was injured when Mango tossed him. He is a tough kid.
    Morgan is a small hwt and NO way should Jack go OT with him.CSUB bumped Granta up to face Covington-Arand losing BIG surprise as he has been pretty good this year .

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