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Thread: 2011 Lone Star Duals

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    Default 2011 Lone Star Duals

    Starts Jan 15, not the hype that National Duals and Virginia Duals got but still great matches and great wrestling.

    Competing teams:
    Arizona State
    Air Force
    Appalachian State
    The Citadel
    Utah Valley University
    Northern Colorado
    Neb Kearney (II)
    Marion Military (NCWA)
    Wayland Baptist (NAIA - TX)
    OuachitaBaptist (II - Ark)
    UTA (NCWA)
    Texas A&M (NCWA)
    UCO (II)
    Central Baptist College (NAIA)

    Ranked Wrestlers:
    125: Robles, Mango, Patterson, Kjar,
    133: Ray, Santiate, Paulsen, Keller,
    141: Bailey, Von Ohlen, Mariacher, Koehnlein, Jensen(d2 Neb-K)
    149: Sanjaa, Jantzen, Lester, Hepburn(d2 Neb-K)
    157: Fittery, Jenkins, Nelson, Peppelman,
    165: Borroughs, Caldwell, Luvsandorj, Graham, Blevins, Wilson(d2 Neb-K)
    174: Amuchastegui,
    184: Ihnen, Schmidtke
    197: Giesen, Mitchell, Johnson,
    285: Flores, Lane, Fernandez, Cooper, Hohensee(d2 Neb-K), Lopez(NAIA)

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    Default Re: 2011 Lone Star Duals

    thaxton-I'm actually sitting in the Arlington Hilton, which is sponsoring the event, as we speak.

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    Default Re: 2011 Lone Star Duals

    nice. Are you doing live updates?

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    Default Re: 2011 Lone Star Duals

    Iowa and Penn State ducking competition again!

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    Default Re: 2011 Lone Star Duals


    mijowe-doesn't Iowa have something else going on this weekend? Now that I check my airline tickets, I might actually be at that event too...

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    Default Re: 2011 Lone Star Duals

    What are the odds of a Fittery v. Jenkins?

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    Default Re: 2011 Lone Star Duals

    Schlottke-Tune in at about 5 Eastern, 4 Central, 3 Mountain, 2 Pacific for that one...

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    Default Re: 2011 Lone Star Duals

    Fittery TFed Chase Nelson

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    Default Re: 2011 Lone Star Duals

    Jenkins didn't weigh in.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

    One, two, Evans is coming for you...

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