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    Default Pitt versus Penn State; Jan 21st

    The Pitt versus Penn State rivalry isn't, really. Lets face it, as much as we want it to be as great as the Football rivalry was in the 80"s, Pitt has done little to fuel this matchup.

    Last season it ended in a 19-19 tie, and freshman Anthony Zanetta upset Brad Pataky at 125. Drama...exit stage Left.

    Zanetta and Pataky will once again go head to head at 125. With Pataky coming off of injury, and Zanetta being a steady and solid wrestler, I'm giving the upset to Zanetta once again.

    The Highlight of the event will be #4 Tyler Neuman vs #7 Andrew Alton. Being from Hershey, a stone's throw away from Middletown, I've followed Neuman's career very closely. With that being said, and as much as I want to see the District 3 stud win this one, I see Alton pulling out a close win here.

    Here is the way I see this breaking down:

    125: Zanetta dec Pataky (Pitt 3)
    133: Long WBF Mack (PSU 6)
    141: Alton dec Neuman (PSU 9)
    149: Malinaro maj Johnson (PSU 13)
    157: Taylor TF Tasser (PSU 18)
    165: Vollrath dec Headlee (PSU 21)
    174: Ruth WBF DeCiantis or Vaughn (PSU 27)
    184: Wright dec M. Thomusseit (PSU 30)
    197: Z. Thomusseit WBF Ruggear (Pitt 9)
    Hwt: Tomei dec Wade (Pitt 12)

    Final score: Pitt 12 PSU 30

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