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Discuss Oklahoma State v. Iowa Predictions/Results/Discussion at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by goferphan Unless she's a half sister named Megan Foxx. If you are ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    Unless she's a half sister named Megan Foxx.
    If you are kissing your half sister there is something wrong with you. I don't care if she is Megan Foxx. Now, if Megan Foxx was your step sister, there would be nothing wrong with it.

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    125: Pretty dominant, about what I expected from McD. Impressive of Morrison to get that first TD, but McD dominated the last 6:30, as you would expect a NCAA Champ to do. On the mat especially.

    133: What I said about the last match, but for the other team. Only problem, obviously, was that third period. After hearing about it, I was expecting a ton of stalling from Clark, but he really wasn't, just totally outgunned by Oliver, who is looking like a champion to me. Clark came through huge for the team with his lengthy ride, though. And no, JO wasn't gassed at the end of the match, just pissed at himself.

    141: Match of the Night, and there's nobody close for second, I don't think. Both guys left everything out there. Insane scrambles, tough wrestling, both guys getting after it. Ballweg just a bit better at this point. Really impressive improvement from Mark from where he was coming in to college. Kindig has a bright future as well.

    149: Kind of a typical Parks match, unfortunately for OSU fans. Looked unstoppable for the first period and on his way to bonus points, but then had a lot less in the tank for the next two periods. Big Ballweg is a tough kid, but he's obviously a stop-gap.

    157: Absolutely HUGE win for Derek St. John, both for the team and for the individual. Erisman is a tough, tough opponent, and DSJ went underneath and survived. On his feet, St. John was clearly the superior wrestler. Both guys looked to be in good shape, getting after it even in the third period. Both guys are dangerous at NCAA's, aiming for low to mid AA's. Probably the second best match.

    165: Bailey showed again JUST how dangerous he is. Not only that, he showed improved leg defense. Janssen had been wrestling at a higher level recently, and he had only lost 8-7 earlier in the season, so I expected a Janssen win, but Baileiy showed that he had improved even more. I think Janssen is capable of winning this match up, but I think Bailey is a rightful favorite from this point forward.

    174: Benefiel continues to disappoint Cowboy fans, I'm sure, but nice job by Lofthouse the Younger. Interesting match, nonetheless.

    184: Perry's neutral offense is surprisingly lacking in Folkstyle, but he's showing some of his brother's flair for riding. Perry put a strong ride on Gambrall, and defended Gambrall's shots well. The only positive for Gambrall is he didn't look gassed in the third after getting ridden for so long.

    197: Foster is good, and in the running for a championship, but Lofthouse DID get to his legs somewhat easily, which doesn't bode well for matches with Simaz and Kilgore. Lofthouse continues to struggle mightily with finishing shots.

    HWT: Somewhat strange to have the dual decided by probably the two "worst" wrestlers on either team, but Rasing still has no idea how to use his size, getting backed up for most of the first by a guy he severely outweighed. Eventually, size won out, and Rasing used his size to his advantage.

    Overall, fun dual. Not a "win" for the Hawkeyes, really, but I'm betting Coach Smith was more angry after the dual than Coach Brands was.
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