Terry Brands
Brands is an assistant with the Hawkeyes today, joining his brother, Tom, on the staff. Terry was a three-time All-American, winning NCAA titles 1990 and ?92.

?Sitting in the locker room I approached Coach Gable after a workout and said, ?What?s that red spot on your forward?? He looked bewildered and just shrugged his shoulders. I leaned in to look closer and slapped his forehead with my hand to create the ?red spot.? Hahahahahahaha. Boy did I laugh and said something like, ?Got ya good! Hahahahahahaha!? The next day after practice Gable was sitting in the same place by his locker after a practice and I go up to him and say, ?What?s that red spot on your forehead?? He looks bewildered and just stares back at me. I lean in closer and quickly slap his forehead again. ?Hahahaha! I can?t believe you fell for that again!? I say. Dead pan, he says, ?I didn?t fall for that. I just didn?t think you were that stupid to do it again.?

Barry Davis
Davis, the head coach at Wisconsin, was a three-time NCAA champion and four-time All-American for Gable from 1980-81 through the 1984-85 season, with a break to win an Olympic silver medal in 1984.

Davis remembers the birth of Gable?s daughter Annie.

?Gable left practice to go the hospital,? Davis said. ?All of a sudden the door opens and he walks in (hours later) ? everybody stopped and looked at him. He shook his head like ?no.? We knew it was another girls so we just kept wrestling.?

Davis also remembers a time during his freshmen or sophomore year when Gable walked into the room after an interview with a newspaper reporter.

??I told him Iowa State wouldn?t win a match. You guys better back me up?,? Davis recalls Gable saying. ?He had that much faith in us. Nobody wanted to let him down.?

Iowa won nine of the 10 matches.

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