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Thread: Cornell vs. Penn State NCAA Tournament Scorers

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    Default Cornell vs. Penn State NCAA Tournament Scorers

    Ed Ruth has changed the entire dynamic of this year's NCAA title race. He went from a kid who, at least for me, was a marginal to MAYBE mid AA pick, to a potential NCAA title threat (and I'll upgrade him to big time NCAA threat when I see him do it at more than one tournament). Looking at team point scorers:

    Penn State-Frank Martelotti/Brad Pataky
    Cornell-Frank Perelli

    I initially had this even, but apparently Perelli beat both guys this weekend, so advantage Cornell.

    ADVANTAGE: Cornell

    Penn State-Andrew Long?/Bryan Pearsall
    Cornell-Mike Grey?/Stanzione

    This weight has all kinds of question marks for both teams. I would rank the wrestlers like so
    So, assuming best case scenario, I would favor Long to score more points.

    ADVANTAGE: Penn State

    Penn State-Andrew Alton
    Cornell-Chris Villalonga/Corey Manson

    Big advantage to Penn State.


    Penn State-Frank Molinaro
    Cornell-Kyle Dake

    Very close, as evidenced by their match, but I'd favor Dake to score a few more placement points.


    Penn State-David Taylor
    Cornell-DJ Meagher

    Big advantage to Meagher over the inexperienced hype train....what? Ok, seriously, big, big advantage for the Nittany Lions.


    Penn State-Jake Kemmerer
    Cornell-Justin Kerber

    Truth be told, I've never been a huge fan of Kemerer (as a wrestler, not as a person), and I think this year has mostly bourne that out. He's solid but unspectacular and doesn't seem to have improved at the same rate as some of his classmates. Reading some PSU posts, he may not even be starting next year. Kerber's no world beater, but he should AA, I don't think Kemerer will.


    Penn State-Ed Ruth
    Cornell-Mack Lewnes

    Huge key to the race! If it had been a bit of a flukey upset, I'd be inclined to kind of ignore the results of the Scuffle, but Ruth really took Lewnes to the woodshed AND THEN did the same to Henrich, so I can't just ignore it. That said, was it just a guy catching absolute fire at one tournament, or can he repeat THAT level of wrestling. He hasn't looked THAT good to me at any other point this season. Given the level of butt whooping Ruth gave him, I'm calling this a wash at best.


    Penn State-Quentin Wright (maybe)
    Cornell-Steve Bosak

    Even before his injury, Wright didn't look terribly impressive, while Bosak has looked damned good and is a tribute to the Cornell coaching staff, since I had no idea who he was til last season. I say it goes to Cornell even if Wright is there.


    Penn State-Justin Ortega?
    Cornell-Cam Simaz

    Just a huge, huge advantage to Cornell here. The weight is barren and I still don't think any of Penn State's 197's could even qualify for NCAA's, let alone win a match.

    Penn State-Cameron Wade
    Cornell-Stryker Lane

    Stryker is a decent wrestler, but no great shakes. Cameron is a guy who is competitive with the top guys but usually doesn't win. Wade may sneak an AA, Lane will not come close.


    I have it at 5-4-1 in favor of Cornell, razor close. It may fall on the shoulders of Ed Ruth and Mack Lewnes. I won't make the call, but Ed Ruth is a freshman, and it's a lot to put on inexperienced shoulders. That said, and Cornell fans probably won't agree with me, Mack does have a bit of a history of coming up short in the biggest moments. We shall see.
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