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Thread: Ed Ruth vs. Reader

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    Default Ed Ruth vs. Reader

    Will it happen before NCAA? Who wins.

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    I don't think so. I think this is readers year personally.
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    Lewnes (short) and Heinrich (gasses out) both have a weekness. Reader is probably the most complete package to give Ruth trouble.

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    Honestly, god knows what's going to happen with this weight.

    Ruth looked unbeatable for one tournament, but sustaining that may be a challenge.

    Reader has been dominant but has wrestled nobody in my opinion.

    Lewnes might have been a bit shocked by Ruths speed and finishing ability.

    Henrich is the odd man out in my opinion, I think he's 4th out of 4.
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    Reader will face Lewnes maybe twice definitely once as both teams will be at National Duals.

    Ruth could easily go undefeated the rest of the way, but there are a few dangerous spots left in the schedule.

    I think the 2/3 semi-final bout could have a lot of fireworks at nationals, and all 3 of them probably want to stay out of it and pound on Henrich instead. Reader probably controls his destiny the most, if he beats Mack he will be the one seed. Mack needs to beat Reader and have Ruth lose and Ruth needs to win out and have Mack beat Reader I think. Early to worry about this I know.

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    Default Re: Ed Ruth vs. Reader

    Despite the loss, I still think Lewnes is the best wrestler at this weight and my pick to win it all in March.

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    Default Re: Ed Ruth vs. Reader

    There's no way (nothing scheduled) so that Ruth would meet Reader. It would have to be @ the NCAAs & if it does happen, based upon how things are now, it would be either a semi or a final. Much can change in the next 10 weeks.

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