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Thread: Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-285

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    Default Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-285

    Finally got the chance to watch the Scuffle finals from 125-184 which I missed last night. Before I get to talking I've got to give major props to Cliff and Lee for a great two days of coverage.

    125: Despite the fact that he had never beaten him Nicholson is the exact body type and style that gives Sanders trouble. Beautiful elbow off to shot to score his TD. Despite the fact that he got ridden out, Sanders showed better movement from the bottom than he will at times against other guys. Nasty duck by Sanders to get back into the match in the third period, then just ran out of time. Nicholson is one of the guys that Sanders can't pull the slow start routine against because he probably won't gas.

    133: Peterkin gets things off started with the crazy back flip to counter one of the best shots that I've ever seen Ruggirello take. Rugg has to finish there. Kind of puzzling strategy by Ruggirello both wrestling from one knee (when he isn't really that dynamic offensively) and then taking top in the second period when going underneath would hopefully force Peterkin to in turn go underneath him (where he wants him) in the third. Great job by Peterkin going to the trip in the double overs to get the 5 and the win.

    141: More or less the match that I expected it to be coming in. Russell showed how ridiculously effective that his offense is when he actually decides to go to it. Then once he got the lead he's effective on top, and he's good at scrambling away from guys as demonstrated when he got away from Thorn's low single. Things got kind of chippy in the second period with both guys getting a little rough with returns and on the edge line, and in the third with their set ups. Then things got (as always possible with a Mike Thorn match) pretty heated at the end. Suffice it to say I don't think these two will be exchanging any belated Christmas greetings.

    149: Despite the fact that he's up a weight from last year Dake looks ridiculously big. Despite the fact that some people may have expected more of an exciting match between Kid Dynamite (or the Plastic Man as Fretwell called him) and the Gorilla Hulk things went down about how I expected. Coming into the year I expected Dake to win the match through his ability on top, Molinaro obviously took that away here by taking both up but it lost him the match since he was unable to take Dake down. I think this gap opens up a little more as Dake gets his feet under him cardio wise and gets more confident in his offense. Crazy defense by Dake on the deep shots in the first and third periods.

    157: I mean I don't even necessarily know what to say here. Great cap to an utterly absurd performance all weekend by Taylor. Amazing job of progressing from his feet moving past just his high c/knee pull single series to picking up a sweep single and some great looking ankle picks as well.Then the variety of his offense from the top really makes it hard to foresee people progressing to the point of where they're able to shut everything he does down as he's equally comfortable working his leg rides or working with his tight waist and half.
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    Default Re: Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-157

    AFter all I'd heard about DT, I expected to see someone built like the tank.......he looks more like a skinnier version of

    Cael. Didnt' sweat anything. Never out of position. Beautiful setups and follow thrus. Must be like wrestling a rip current, the harder you fight the worse trouble you get into.
    I'm a fan!!!
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    Default Re: Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-157

    No wasted movement, very deliberate and purposeful in everything he does. I agree, it's hard not to like it.

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    Pleasure was ours guys. All the finals should be up know I have about 30 more conso matches to label and upload.
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    Default Re: Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-157

    165: Both these guys have done a nice job progressing since last year. Kerber still absurdly strong like he was last year but he's done a nice job getting his weight under control so that he's able to go all seven minutes with more confidence. Did a great job horsing around behind to pick up the TD in the third period to clinch the match for himself. Yohn continues to look solid, throw by to pick up the early TD looked good and he did a nice job getting to Kerber's legs if not finishing. Rode strong on top, big difference was the reversal and ride out at the end of the first.

    174: Henrich like Dake just looks absurdly big. Despite the fact that he got his butt kicked the foot sweep that he hit to pick up the first TD was nasty. Coming into the weekend I hadn't been really that impressed with Ed Ruth over the course of the season so far, my how things change. Seemed like he kind of slept walk through a few of his early matches this year (Fretwell and Roper both commented about this during the match) but did a great job working hard through out his matches this weekend. Similar to Jordan Burroughs he did a fantastic job finishing once he got to a leg and he showed a great ability to go single leg to either side, that ability made even more impressive given how strong Lewnes and Henrich are and how good they are at getting away from leg attacks. Coming into the year I wondered if weight would be an issue but he's seemingly proven that it won't be.

    184: Honeycutt continuing the theme of finalists who are just straight up tanks. Much improved obviously over the guy who gassed like crazy against Peter Capone a couple weeks ago recording the win over Bosak who despite the loss here may have the most impressive resume of anyone at the weight class so far this year. Bosak was crazy early on with his elbow pass although it was odd that he didn't follow any of them up with leg attacks until the second period when Honeycutt just horsed out of the shot for the TD. Come to think of it that may explain his hesitancy right there. Honeycutt put a nice cap on the match showing that not only could he horse guys to score he could also finesse a little bit with the rubber knee TD.

    197: Really interesting to watch Cam Simaz this weekend when he clearly wasn't 100% and how he was able to alter his normal style to still be effective. Seemed to go after more leg attacks from space rather than getting in tight and beating up on the guy. Super gutsy effort here in this match against a very tough Byers (another reason why I was excited to watch this is this weekend is the first time I've really seen Byers wrestle an extended amount of time) particularly the flurry where Byers returned him to the mat, you could hear Simaz cry out as a result of getting his knee torqued and he still had it in him to scramble away for the escape before he called injury time and then of course there was the bit where he fell completely off the stage TWICE (the second one was particularly ugly looking and lead to Fretwell's grammar completely degenerating as he deservedly ripped the stage set up) and then immediately came back and got going again. Absurd scramble away from Byers attempt at an ankle pick. Despite the loss Byers did a great job using his length both here and in his semi against Kilgore.

    285: Cam Wade was very impressive here (and he's really been impressive all season) with his ability at getting to his snatch single (maybe not finishing) and then his ability on top riding and turning with his legs. Gutsy call to pick top in the third period knowing he had to ride Apland out to tie, doing that and eventually getting the late turn for the win. His ability with his leg rides is something that is going to give him an advantage since not a lot of heavyweights do that. He's a guy that's kind of been on the verge over the last couple of years but was held back by not having a gas tank. That seems like its been fixed.
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    Default Re: Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-285

    Quote Originally Posted by knarkill View Post
    Pleasure was ours guys. All the finals should be up know I have about 30 more conso matches to label and upload.
    You are a blast to listen to doing commentary.

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    Default Re: Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-285

    Quote Originally Posted by knarkill View Post
    Pleasure was ours guys. All the finals should be up know I have about 30 more conso matches to label and upload.
    So this is THE Cliff Fretwell?

    Do you not like John Smith? Or are you just privy to intimate knowledge of the head cowpoke.

    Thanks for all you and flo do!
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    Default Re: Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-285

    Young could not have beat DT with a baseball bat in his hands -NEVER thought I'd type those words as before today I thought he had a chance against anyone.
    Rug seemed to freak out after the front flip-he did everything but win the match-had he chosen down and escaped he would have made Peterkin do something but belly out on bottom -Rug on top is a thing of beauty .Had he gone into the 3rd with a 1 point lead Peterkin would have had to open up and then Rug would have hammered him.
    I disagree with the hWT call-taking up in that situation was silly-Apland was 5 seconds from winning .
    Byers year off gave him a chance to get bigger and he looked ripped and ready-a couple of years ago he was big but had baby fat -now he is shredded .
    Bosak wrestled scared -which is hard to believe since he'd been kicking ass all day, after he dis mantled Steinhaus I thought he was a lock . HCUTT doing a very good impression of the illustrated man .

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    Default Re: Scuffle Finals Video Thoughts: 125-285

    Dake should have been hit at least twice for stalling and wasn't even warned? I've seen it called for significantly less.

    After this match I really think Frank can beat him and might just do so this year.
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