The Hawks have ALOT of growing to do if they are going to contend for a trophy in March. I didnt see the matches at Midlands but when you get pinned at the 6:59 mark, imo, you gave up. That happened on two occasions and is unnacceptable to me and I assume all other Iowa fans.

125 - I'm not worried about McDonough. Had not been tested all year and had a decent tournament. Precin is a formidable foe and got Matt this time. I can see these two exchanging wins the rest of the year. Matt will learn from this loss and come out on top in the end. I have faith in him

133 - Really have no idea what is going on here. Ramos is good but undersized at this weight. His natural talents will earn him many victories this year but his lack of size will grant him a few losses too. He's got great energy and can push the action. Clark may end up earning the spot before it is all said and done but I think Brands likes Ramos so it will be hard. Clark has the size and talent to place but I don't think he pushes the action like Ramos and may not have the natural tools of Ramos. Moore...What is going on with Moore? He is a mystery to me at this point. Sure wish he wouldve been at Midlands. I think this weight will be one of our bright spots this year once we get it figured out.

141 - Mark Ballweg has been a plesant suprise. He's young and will stumble at times. He needs to come with a little more offense but can scramble with the best of them. If and when Marion comes back he may or may not be here. Obviously if he does go 141 we have a returning finalist.

149 - Chiri and Matt Ballweg are doing the best they can here. I'll give them an A for effort but their abilities are lacking at this point. There is talk of Marion wrestling at this weight if he comes back. I am hoping he will though he will be a small 49lber.

157 - I don't know what to say about St. John. The kid obviously has talent but seems disinerested at times. He lacks the "killer" attitude that you have to have to be a contender. I'm sure he will get motivated, or lose alot of matches. Giving up a fall at the end of the match because you are going to lose anyway is horseshit! It's a good thing I'm not the coach because I think I wouldve pulled him from the rest of the tournament. And being sick is no excuse for giving up. He will have to get his head right if he wants to aa this year, or any year.

165 - Aaron Janssen did a good job and probalby won the spot for himself at Midlands. I was hoping more out of Kerr this year but it seemed he hasnt improved much from last season. We will probably continue to win matches we should lose and lose matches we should win at this weight. I don't see anything consistent out of this weight class for Iowa this year.

174 - Ethen came into the season with alot of hype from fans. He is where most freshman are at this point. I think he will have a good career but has alot of growing as a wrestler to do. Hopefully experience throughout the season will help him contend for spot on the podium. He has alot of improving to do at this point.

184 - I am very disapointed with Grants performace to this point. He and St. John are in the same boat as far as I am concerned. He gave up a pin with no time left on the clock as well. There is no excuse for that. You can beat just about everyone in high school with talent alone, but this aint high school and there are alot of people with more talent out there. So far he doesnt have what it takes between the ears to win consistently at this level. NO EXCUSE FOR GIVING UP!

197 - I didnt really expect a whole lot out of Luke this year so I'm not really disapointed with him. I will never question his effort. He's got the right mindset, just lacks the ability at this weight. Gets in on alot of legs but doesnt seem to be able to convert to TDs. If he could get the TD after he had the leg he would probably aa this year, because he can get it, just cannot convert.

285 - This weight is probably the biggest mystery to me. I know Midlands was very tough at HWT. I didnt expect him to win. But I did expect him to beat guys like Brantley on a consistent basis. I have no clue but I hope his problems are between the ears. That can be fixed. I know he's got what it takes to win more. I saw him push Rosholt to the limit last year.

Overall, I'm pretty disapointed with the effort at Midlands, our only real competition to this point. Most of it seems to be problems with attitude or confidence. Most of our team is young and will learn how to be tough, but as of right now the black singlet isnt scaring anyone. What happened to the FU attitude? Hope we find it by Big Tens. Giving up is not an option fellas. THIS ISN'T INTRAMURALS BROTHER! IT'S THE BIG TEN!

Brands and Co have some work to do.