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Thread: The Undefeateds

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    1. 133: Jordan Oliver - a near lock
    2. 165: Jordan Burroughs - Howe could upset, but it would be surprise
    3. 141: Kellen Russell - lots of competition, but he is the best at the weight
    4. 157: David Taylor - I think the pressure is getting to him a bit though
    5. 125: Anthony Robles - his year
    6. 149: Darrion Caldwell - depends on which DC shows up

    Not really interested in stakehorsing the rest.

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    I would put Caldwell above Robles just bc of who Robles has to go through but I think you have it just about right otherwise in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Im not going to list all 14 but i dont know how Kellen Russell is more likely to go undefeated than Jordan Oliver.

    Oliver has dominated all comers and hasn't sniffed a close match. Dominating Hoch both times.

    Russell already has had a few OT matches and needed some last 30 second heroics to pull out a few wins. Plus his weight is tougher and he's pooped his pants the last two NCAA's already.

    I would put Oliver AND Burroughs ahead of Russell.

    Who on earth is going to beat JB??
    Having watched him & talked to him I would say Russell is more likely cuz he has run the gauntlet. Thorn threw the sink at him & Russell just wasn't going to be denied. Thorn was about as completely frustrated as someone could get.

    I am not saying that JO or JB won't go undefeated but after watching Russell beat Kennedy & Thorn thoroughly I think he has his mind set & won't give it up the rest of the way. Marion, Thorn & Kennedy will be scrambling for 2nd, 3rd & 4th. Maybe Boris get sin there. Alton has been close with all of them but hasn't figured out how to push it over the edge yet on any of those guys.

    I don't think that Frank or Kyle touch DC. Robles will have to get through Precin or McDonough. I think those 2 get the #2 & 33 seed & Robles only has to face one not two.

    Howe is back & reserved & determined to even the score. JB will have to bring his A game to beat Howe a 2nd time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstrong View Post
    So you're saying it is much more likely that there are 4+ than zero. So, if I were to say there will be only 2 at most (let's say Burroughs and either Oliver/Taylor), then you still think I'm out on a limb?
    I've got Burroughts, Oliver, and Taylor as the top (3) prospects -- but only (2) making it to undefeated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstrong View Post
    I've got Burroughts, Oliver, and Taylor as the top (3) prospects -- but only (2) making it to undefeated.
    Yes but if Taylor doesn't win, what are the chances that the champion isn't Hall or Fittery? Pretty slim. Also Robles, Russell, Caldwell, Reader, Honeycutt and even Brandvold/Foster (one of them almost definitely makes the finals) have at least a decent shot too. Especially since Robles and Reader have a relatively good looking path to the finals, with the other two best at their weight by far on the bottom half.

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    <bump> Caldwell and Cleveland and Nicholson fall ...
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    And now Hall and Honeycutt into conso's after Session #3

    That leaves (9) undefeateds - with no more than (7) possible at the end.

    125 Robles looks great - but looked a little beatable against Patterson
    133 Oliver appears to be absolutely unstoppable
    141 Russell - keeping it close won't work if Marion repeats his performance against Kennedy
    157 Fittery/Taylor - one falls in the next match, the other has Bubba to beat - who's looking tough in Philly
    165 JB - only way he loses if he gets hit by a bus between sessions, and then he might still win
    174 Reader - beat Letts 8-2, Lewnes looking sharp, Amuch dismantled Ruth
    197 Brandvold/Foster - one falls in next match, the other has Simaz next and Cam is on fire

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