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Thread: Dake v. Caldwell

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    Default Dake v. Caldwell

    Can Dake win?
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    Default Re: Dake v. Caldwell


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    You know how Caldwell conditioning is this early in the season. I expect Caldwell to pull it off and if he's healthy destroy Dake come NCAA

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    Can he? Sure. Will he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Can he? Sure. Will he?
    I only responded (maybe) with tongue in cheek. One thing I quit doing years and years ago was predict out loud who is going to win, I might have an opinion but keep it to myself.

    Point being I was sitting next to an unknown wrestling fan such as myself, I made the statement on upcoming match who I thought would win easily. Guy next to me said have you seen the other wrestler before I responded no. He stated just watch what happens, he's going to pin him I said no way. Well you can quess what happens. I think Dake has lots of heart, but Caldwell in shape is very dangerous.

    Hoping for somebody webcast finals of both Midlands and the Scuffle there are going to be some outstanding matches.

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    Dc wins if he is 67% of his former self.
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