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    I didn't say they would win it. Please. But as a coach I think J. Rob and DS decided he needed a year off and that it would make them a stronger team in 2010 if they did so.

    Don't call it farfetched either as I remind you of an Iowa team in 2008 that did it with a handful of sophomores in their line-up. Stranger things have happened. If Jake Deitchler were still in the room I think you actually would have had to consider them for 2010 as a serious player anyway. With DS getting another year off to rest the knee I think they are a pretty strong team.

    125 Sanders (#7-#12 in most polls)
    133 Ness (#1-#4 in most polls)
    141 Thorn (#7-#12 in most polls)
    149 Mason (going to be a top ten next year)
    157 DS (#1-#8, who knows)
    165 Glasser (#8-#12 in polls)
    174 Yohn (who knows)
    184 Yohn (who knows)
    197 Geiger (this weight clears out a little this year and Geiger should be Top 10)
    Hwt Berhow/Disney (this weight REALLY clears out and Berhow could be Top 8)

    I think they are in the mix next year if they improve like the teams at Iowa State, Ohio State and Iowa did last year.
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    Live updates are being posted at The Guillotine here. Gophers beat Portland State 54-0 in the first match.

    125: Zach Sanders fall
    133: Jayson Ness fall
    141: Mike Thorn fall
    149: Brian Peterson fall
    157: Tyler Safratowich maj 10-2
    165: Scott Glasser fall
    174: Kaleb Young maj 12-0
    184: Sonny Yohn fall
    197: Chris McPhail fall
    285: Ben Berhow maj 16-8

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    wondering when we were going to see something on this...Jensens going to have a big day. looks like Mason is redshirting possibly then? are we possibly looking at our starting line-up or did the coaches think this was going to be the easy round and mix some guys in?
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    If they keep Dustin and the young guys in redshirt then I would guess thats probably very close to this year's starting line up.

    If they're going to yank the young guys I would assume they wait as late as possible ala how Smith did with Scott and Morgan several years back.

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    I am not asking this to be facetious but what does waiting to yank them do to help them if they are ultimately going to wrestle? Is it to choose the match in which to start them and possibly give them a better record or an advantageous record going in to conferences or just to wait as late as possible before making the decision on if they are ready?
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    See as much of them in Open Competition as possible, and try to avoid them getting injured in an early season match that doesn't mean much.

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    Sanders beats Mustari 5-4, Ness wins by fall. They've subbed Zilverberg in for Thorn this round.

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    125 — Zach Sanders (UM) dec. Tony Mustari 5-4. 133 — Jayson Ness (UM) pinned Zach Maes 2:33. 141 — David Zilverburg (UM) pinned Lance Gallegos 2:39. 149 — Mitchell Polkowske (UNC) maj. dec. Joe Murphy 12-0. 157 — Tyler Safratowich (UM) tech. fall Tanner Weiks 19-4 (5:59). 165 — Scott Glasser (UM) maj. dec. Rocco DePaolo 20-9. 174 — Kaleb Young (UM) dec. Brandon Kammerzell 4-1. 184 — Brent Eidenschink (UM) maj. dec. Ryan Johnson 11-1. 197 — Chris McPhail (UM) tech. fall Patrick Carey 16-0 (4:09). HWT — Ben Berhow (UM) pinned Justin Tuell 6:54.

    sorry about the format.

    All gophers won except whoever was at 149, many of them by bonus

    Zilverberg pinned hashimotos backup
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Real nice win for Sanders. Guys aren't going to be afraid to rank him now that he's beating ranked guys. Don't care what Mustari is ranked, he has quite a bit of experience. Another Fall for Ness, he must have 7 or 8 falls in his three years at this tournmanet. Even with Thorn out, Jensens picks up some nice points from Zilverburg.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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