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Thread: # 5 Penn State vs #22 Ohio State predictions/discussion/results

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    Default # 5 Penn State vs #22 Ohio State predictions/discussion/results

    I am not sure actually what the starting line ups are going to be. We know for sure that Pataky, Steiber & Wright are out. I am sure our resident Ohioan expect will chime in here a few minutes after I post this...

    125: #18 Frank Martelleti vs. Bo Touris Bo Touris Bio
    Frank by major, he's wrestling very well right now looking to keep his job! (PSU 4-0)

    133: Bryan Pearsall vs. #12 Ian Paddock
    Pearsall, who was 3-20 last year, is 8-4 this year with 6 falls. Still doesn't beat Paddock though but I am expecting a tougher match then he gave Cagnina. Paddock by dec. (PSU 4-3)

    141: #10 Andrew Alton vs. Randy Languis Randy Languis Bio
    Languis, a former Ohio state champ was majored last week by a a 3x PIAA DISTRICT 10 runner-up, (both Freshmen). Alton by a Fall. (PSU 10-3)

    149: #6 Frank Molinaro vs. Sean Nemec
    Nemec has lost to a kid from ND & was majored by Chamberlain & Gillespie. Frank worked off the rust last week with a tech fall, after a loss to Mason in the NLO finals. Frank by Major. (PSU 14-3)

    157: #3 David Taylor vs. #14 Colt Sponseller
    Obviously the bout of the night. Or is it? Sponseller lost by 3 to Hall but then was nearly majored by Peppleman who DT DID major. DT by Tech Fall. (PSU 19-3)

    165: Jake Kemerer/Nick Fischer vs. Jared Kusar Jared Kusar Bio
    Jake didn't wrestle last week due to illness. Vollrath got a forfeit in his place. I am gonna bet that Cael still has JK on the bench & have Fischer take his spot. But I think that Kusar gets the dec. (PSU 19-6)

    174: #12 Ed Ruth vs. #14 Nick Heflin
    Ok maybe THIS is the match of the night. Cael won't bump Ruth for this one. Heflin has 2 wins over Manuel but was pinned by Headlee. Ruth by dec. (PSU 22-6)

    184: Andrew Church vs. Peter Capone Peter Capone Bio
    I am betting that Ortega won't make it down to 184 in time for this dual. Capone barely lost to Honeycutt last week. Capone by dec. (PSU 22-9)

    197: Nick Ruggear vs. CJ Mangrum C.J. Magrum Bio
    Ruggear has been looking better the past few weeks but he won't beat Mangrum. CJ by dec. (PSU 22-12)

    Hwt. #6 Cameron Wade vs. Jonathan Hiles Johnny Hiles Bio
    Wade's offense has been improving. Wade by major. (PSU 26-12)

    Pearsall said it all this week when he said, "We hate them & they hate us..."
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