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Thread: All americans @ 149

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Well, I am a DE guy so I imagine that this factor could be seen as coloring my view of Matt.

    I was in the stands watching when he wonhis first and second state titles, and then unfortunately had to watch him have his way with a number of my teammates during duals.

    Like you say, just a tough kid. Very unorthodox funky style from the feet, and then an absolute animal on top.
    Matt could be an AA. Anything is possible but somethings are unlikely. Maybe Metcalf will get stuck again this year.........unlikely! I am a Ruschell fan so I'm hopeful for the unlikely.....NCAA Champion.........wishful thinking(LOL)

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    Think you can add Patacsil from Purdue to AA list.

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    What hepened to Cathell-he hasn't wrestled the last few meets ?

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