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Thread: 3 former wrestlers sue college

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    This story is pretty fishy if you ask me. Three guys who were on the wrestling team back in 2007 claim they all got Herpes Simplex 1 from the school locker room. Now they are suing the school, the coach, the trainer and the dean of athletics claiming they didn't follow NCAA regulations on handling an outbreak. Why would it take over a year for them to decide to sue?

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    It's not uncommon, actually more the routine for suits to be filed 12, 18 or even 23 months after an alleged incident. Plaintiff counsel relies on time to muddy the memories of those targeted and recordkeeping.
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    thats not good for the sport. when that AD looks at wrestling on the budget block next year and sees three lawsuits that cost a couple hundred thousand to defend, what sport gets cut? wrestling or a revenue generating machine?
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    What?! A college wrestler got mat herpes!? No Way!

    For all they know, they could have gotten it in high school and just not had an outbreak until college. Pathetic

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    Well, actually the real reason to delay filing a suit is to let the medical condition stablize. Whether it is a MVA, slip and fall or disease, until you know whether or not there is a permanent problem, there is no point in filing. That is part of the reason that there are substantial STatutes of Limitations in Personal Injury cases. I'm sure that with the outbreak of Herpes, the school got it's ducks in a row and obtained statements and took tests.
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