They're up and going already. TDR is there broadcasting.

Brackets are here.

125: Mytych, Bedelyon, Byrne, Penhale, and Moser are the top five seeds here in this order. Brian Owen and Bartelli from Boise State are here as well.

133: Mitcheff, Hochstrasser, and Bell are the big guys here. I'll be interested to see the prospective semi result between Hochstrasser and Bell as Bell has been wrestling very well this year.

141: Grey and Lashaway are the top two seeds here. Hutchinson and Fish are both here from Boise.

149: Kyler is the top seed here in a bracket that looks kind of cleared out. Tim Hammer from Liberty is the #2, and then Chamberlain from Boise is seeded third.

157: Moley and Hall are the big guys here at this weight. Leen isn't here as a result of I'm assuming his splitting his head open last night.

165: Lewnes is in the bracket here, for how long who knows. Brian Letters, and then Swartz and Sherfey from Boise are here.

174: Anceravage is sitting on top of another pretty cleared out bracket.

184: This has a really nice prospective finals match up between the top two seeds in Kirk Smith and Dustin Kilgore.

197: Most cleared out bracket here. Oplinger and Starks are the top two seeds. No Arnone.

285: Pretty cleared out here, Jermail Porter is the name guy.