Way to early on these predictions too, but I have a cold, feel tired as hell all the time and sit up in bed thinking about this upcoming season.


1. Paul Danahoe Junior Nebraska

2. Nick Fanthrope Sophomore Iowa State

3. Tyler Shinn Sophomore Oklahoma State


1. Tyler McCormick Senior Missouri

2. Coleman Scott Senior Oklahoma State

3. Nick Gallick Sophomore Iowa State


1. Nathan Morgan Senior Oklahoma State

2. Mitch Mueller Sophomore Iowa State

3. ??????


1. Cyler Sanderson Sophomore Iowa State

2. Jordan Borroughs Sophomore Nebraska

3. Josh Wagner Senior Missouri


1. Michael Chandler Junior Missouri

2. Newly McSpadden Junior Oklahoma State

3. Aaron Scott Senior Iowa State


1. Stephen Dwyer Sophomre Nebraska

2. Jarid King Sophomore Oklahoma

3. Grant Turner Senior Iowa State


1. Brandon Mason Junior Oklahoma State

2. Josh Weitzel Senior Oklahoma

3. David Bertolino Senior Iowa State


1. Jake Varner Sophomore Iowa State

2. Raymond Jordan Junior Missouri

3. Jared Shelton Sophomore Oklahoma State


1. Joel Flaggart Senior Oklahoma

2. Max Askren Sophomore Missouri

3. Craig Brester Sophomore Nebraska


1. David Zabriskie Sophomore Iowa State

2. Jarod Rosholt Sophomore Oklahoma State

3. Name escapes me Farmer Sophomore Oklahoma.