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Discuss Cornell vs. PSU Predictions/Discussion at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Stardust was that really a necessary comment? I guess not, I apologize. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stardust View Post
    was that really a necessary comment?
    I guess not, I apologize.

    My comp shut off halfway through the 125 match so I didn't see Nickerson or Grey.

    - Bubba won 16-7 but he still looked kind of sluggish, maybe that is attributable to getting down to weight this early in the year.

    - Leen v. Vallimont was phenomenal. Leen has improved a ton on bottom from two years ago when he got ridden like a mule by Gillespie and Schlatter. Awesome scramble for Leen's TD. Vallimont shot, Leen funked around to where he had Vallimont's leg, Vallimont tried to backflip out of it but Leen stayed with it to get the two.

    - Nice controlling win for Anceravage over the young boy Wright, much more exciting match than the score may show.

    - Nickerson goes 133 I'm assuming so he doesn't have to cut all the way to 25 twice in 4 days so early in the year. Then I'm very surprised that Molinaro put it to Grey like he did. Molinaro looked BAD against Accordino but he did a nice job rallying back here.

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    Default Re: Cornell vs. PSU Predictions/Discussion

    All-American Doug Vallimont(Lake Hopatcong, N.J.), ranked No. 2 at 157, lost a hard-fought 4-0 decision to defending national champion Jordan Leen.

    This was a key match up that lead to the outcome.


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