Just want everyone to keep Adam top of mind. As always he can use our prayers and our thoughts. He just always keeps things in perspective for me like very few can. This is from Monday's blog.


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Goodday Everyone,

Well, out of the hospital and back to business. Sunday I was in Pennsylvania coaching the Blair wrestling team in a little pre-season tournament as they prepare for the upcoming season. It was a very busy and exhausting day for me walking around and coaching all day long. Heck, being up for twelve hours at one time is very draining on me. Moving around during that stint makes it very hard. In fact, I almost fell asleep in my dinner, went to bed at about 8:00 last night, and slept straight through, barring waking up to go to the bathroom.

It was a good time though and I met a lot of people who followed the blog and who maybe didn’t follow the blog but gave their positive input anyways. It is good, but at times it is a little odd suddenly getting so much attention in the wrestling world. I do not mind one bit and in fact welcome it, but it is a switch I guess you could say.

So today, being Monday, meant a trip to the doctor’s office for bloodwork and a checkup on everything. I will not get my tumor marker until tomorrow, however, I did get a lot of good news. For the first time in what seems like forever, I have no diet restrictions, which means sushi, rare steak, and anything I want again, or well at least until i am put on another special diet before surgery. Furthermore, I am no longer anemic and no longer at risk for bleeding. Because of that, I was cleared to start training and wrestling again. I will get to that later on in the post, but to celebrate, we went out and got sushi, and a lot of sushi. I am pretty sure that tomorrow I will be getting a rare steak, finally a steak cooked to how I want it to be cooked.

I drove back and joined the Blair team for their lift. I am about half as strong as I was. It is a strange feeling, because the weight feels light, but after a few reps, it just does not go up like it should. I hit the wall very fast. I do not know how long it will take to get my strength back, however I seen very quickly the toll this took on me. Tomorrow I am going to wrestle, and I honestly do not know how long I can go, or how strong I will be during those goes. I know that my timing will be off, but come back fast, and I know my speed and technique is still there from the little bit of drilling I did on Friday, yet it is different going hard and having someone defend. Surely, it will give me a different perspective on my style and technique being unable to be overpowering. Hopefully it will work to my advantage when I get my strength back, and hopefully it comes back quicker.

Well, I am exhausted so I am off to bed.

God Bless,

Adam Frey

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”