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    but I am anyway. Graduation has left me a little puzzled at 141. 165 seems a little dense as well and 174 seems about empty after the top 4. The move up of Davis and Bergman leaves me at wanderment for 197. Hwt, will be fun to see a battle for the title.

    1. Jayson Ness Sophomore Minnesota
    2. Charlie Falck Junior Iowa
    3. Mark McKnight Senior Penn State
    4. Angel Escobedo Sophomore Indiana
    5. Franklin Gomez Sophomore Michigan State
    6. Collin Cudd Senior Wisconsin
    7. Gabe Flores Junior Illinois
    WC Brandon Tucker Senior Purdue

    1. Mack Reiter Senior Minnesota
    2. Jake Strayer Junior Penn State
    3. Andrae Hernandez Junior Indiana
    4. Jimmy Kenneddy Sophomore Illinois
    5. T.J. Enright Senior Ohio State
    6. Zach Tanelli Sophomore Wisconsin
    7. Daniel Dennis Sophomore Iowa

    1. Ryan Lang Senior Northwestern
    2. Manuel Rivera Senior Minnesota
    3. Alex Tsirtsis Senior Iowa
    4. J Jaggers Junior Ohio State
    5. Kyle Ruschell Sophomore Wisconsin
    6-7 Not sure

    1. Dustin Schlatter Junior Minnesota
    2. Josh Churella Senior Michigan
    3. Lance Palmer Sophomore Ohio State
    4. Brent Metcalf Sophomore Iowa
    5. Matt Coughlin Sophomore Indiana
    6. Jake Patacsil Junior Purdue
    7. Troy Tirapelle Junior Illinois
    WC Dan Vallimont Sophomore Penn State

    1. Brandon Becker Senior Indiana
    2. CP Schlatter Senior Minnesota
    3. Craig Henning Senior Wisconsin
    4. Michael Poeta Junior Illinois
    5. Ryan Morningstar Sophomore Iowa
    6. Bubba Jenkins Sophomore Penn State
    7. Ryan Needle Senior Ohio State

    1. Mark Perry Senior Iowa
    2. Eric Tannenbaum Senior Michigan
    3. Max Dean Senior Indiana
    4. Roger Smith-Bergsrud Junior Illinois
    5. Tyler Safratowich Junior Minnesota
    6. Jake Donar Senior Wisconsin
    7 Your guess is as good as mine

    1. Gabriel Dretsch Senior Minnesota
    2. Jay Borschell Sophomore Iowa
    3. Steve Luke Junior Michigan
    4. Nick Hayes Senior Northwestern
    5. Alex Maciag Sophomore Wisconsin
    6-7 ?

    1. Roger Kish Senior Minnesota
    2. Mike Pucillo Sophomore Ohio State
    3. Tyrell Todd Junior Michigan
    4. Marc Bennett Senior Indiana
    5. Joe Williams Junior Michigan State
    6. Phil Keddy Sophomore Iowa
    7. Trevor Brandvold Sophomore Wisconsin

    1. Mike Tamillow Senior Northwestern
    2. Dallas Herbst Junior Wisconsin
    3. Pat Bond Sophomore Illinois
    4-7 (amazing how I garner 197 as one of the toughest weights Nationally, but yet it's one of the weakest, from what I can gather in the Big 10. Just goes to show you that wrestling is expanding beyond the Big 10/Big 12).

    1. Dustin Fox Senior Northwestern
    2. Phil Davis Senior Penn State
    3. J.D. Bergman Senior Ohio State
    4. Matt Fields Senior Iowa
    5. Jon Nord Freshman Minnesota
    6-7 Not sure
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