This match will be held in Stillwater starting at 6pm central time on Sunday Dec. 12. The match can be viewed on cbs all-access.

125 #7 Patterson vs. #5 Morrison
133 UR Keller vs. #1 Oliver
141 #6 Bailey vs. #20 Silver
149 UR N. Lester vs. #4 Parks
157 UR M. Lester vs. #10 White
165 #18 Nelson vs. #8 Bailey
174 #7 Caldwell vs. #11 Benefiel
184 #13 Schmidtke vs. # 16 Perry
197 UR Hall vs. #4 Foster
285 #8 Fernandez vs. UR B. Rosholt/Yoder

Definetly an intruiging matchup with several good matchups. 125 looks to be the best matchup of the night b/t patterson and Morrison. 133 Can Oliver get bonus points? 141 Have to go with Bailey here and can he get bonus points? 149 slow paced wrestlers that will keep the match close. Have to go with Parks though. 157 Lester has looked great at times this year, but has definitely been inconsistent. should be a close match with white having the edge. 165 Will have high scoring Nelson vs. Rock Solid Bailey. This is a very hard match to call. Have to go with Bailey, but will the scoreboard look like 15-11 or 5-3, who knows. 174 Is another great matchup. We've seen how good Benefiel can be, but what can he do against Caldwell. 184 Schmidtke majored him earlier this season, but I have a feeling that Perry will wrestle better in Gallagher-Iba. Have to go with Schmidtke though. 197 Foster should be able to get some bonus points here. 285 Fernandez should be able to get some bonus points here vs. OSU second string.

125 Patterson dec Morrison
133 Oliver Mdec Keller
141 Bailey dec Silver
149 Parks dec Lester
157 White dec Lester
165 Bailey dec Nelson
174 Caldwell dec Benefiel
184 Schmidtke dec Perry
197 Foster Mdec Hall
285 Fernandez Mdec Yoder/B. Rosholt

OSU 17-16. Unless Notte throws his headgear from the crowd. I see OSU winning this match.