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Thread: LoSt's Weekend Recap!

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    Default LoSt's Weekend Recap!

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    Default Re: LoSt's Weekend Recap!

    soul less whore...

    i clicked an ad so you could get some cigarette, chew and beer money...nice write up LoSt.

    i disagree though that if DS Redshirts that it means that Mason and Geiger will as well. I think the plan would be to wrestle Mason this year, put him in with DS next year and try to make a run at the title even though they are young. I think Geiger stays too if he wins the wrestle off otherwise why would Eidenshink move down to 184? I don't think he can beat Geiger and I think McPhail and Bierschink are both potential upgrades over Bronson. I think to bring back DS next year to make a little run he needs Mason and Giger to hit the ground running with their freshman years over with.

    If Deitchler stayed I think you had a TOTALLY different story. I would have redshirted everyone and then gone.

    125 Sanders
    133 Ness
    141 Thorn
    149 Mason
    157 Deitchler
    165 Dustin Schlatter
    174 Glasser
    184 Yohn
    197 Geiger
    Hwt. Berhow/Disney

    The only thing that could be done differently is giving DS his hole shot at 157 and making Deitchler go 165 for the year. It doesn't matter b/c JD isn't there.
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    Default Re: LoSt's Weekend Recap!

    Just be patient!
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    Default Re: LoSt's Weekend Recap!

    NIce job, LoST!
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    Default Re: LoSt's Weekend Recap!

    Why is the icon on the page mu? Are you just a micro-wrestling fan?

    Oh yeah, good writeup, too.
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    Default Re: LoSt's Weekend Recap!

    Just an FYI from someone who did watch some of the wrestling this weekend Vallimont didn't gas.

    He was on his way to likely majoring Bowman before he tweaked his knee defending a shot, that was what put him in retreat mode not wind issues.

    I mentioned it in another thread too but you're a little wrong about the Todd and Pucillo stuff. Herbert may have majored Todd once, I don't know but one of their matches wound up 10-8 Herbert. The one match with Pucillo wound up 11-5 Herbert.

    Mr. Kish was the guy that laid beatings on Todd and Pucillo that year beating Todd something like 15-8 with seven takedowns and pinning Pucillo after picking him up and slamming him with a bodylock.

    Good write up regardless though.

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    Default Re: LoSt's Weekend Recap!

    yeah, Kish was killing people at the end of his sophomore and entire junior (edit) could just see him gain confidence towards the middle of his sophomore year and he went at everyone. still can't believe he lost to that Oregon guy.
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    Default Re: LoSt's Weekend Recap!

    Todd had one close match with Herbert, but he was also majored twice I believe, and one of those was at the NCAA tournament (so it was the last time they wrestled). I thought he majored pucillo but maybe he only won by 6, its often hard to find results from before the last year or two
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    Kish's JUNIOR, not SENIOR year...........his senior year he was a mass of hurt. Yeah, losing to the ORegon kid was tough. He got in deep on a shot for a TD and next thing you know, he was sitting on his butt.
    The Art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.

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