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Thread: What should I pick for my goals?

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    Goals are great and everyone should have them. 1st make many goals (i.e. todays goals, this weeks goals, this months goals this seasons goals. offseason goals, and future goals like college.) write them down. Than talk to the best people you know (i.e. parents, coaches and teachers) get their advise on how to accomplish each of these goals. Every night pull out your list and see what you did that day to accomplish each of these goals. Remember obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off of your goals. Examples: Today's goal do the run faster, do more pushups than yesterday, take time after practice to work with assistant coaches most are young and will stay forever, The one rule I had in high school was to always be the last one to leave the room. This weeks goal wrestle a live match each week against assistant coach or a better wrestling and ask them what you can do to get better work on it all week and see if you get better each week (i.e. got pinned week 1, lost 15-0 week , lost 15-2 week 3 etc.) most wrestlers will tell you if you are getting better. Remember to adjust your goals as needed and a small success will help you keep focused on the higher goals.
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    Good stuff Fat.
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