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Thread: Stieber out for season broken wrist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    LOL Skippy, try READING the freakin post. I keep forgeting how short you are and continue to talk right over your head.

    "NOPE" - read it ?, means he can't qualify that route.

    Let's see Skippy, that means he must finish 1-8 at Trials, doesn't it Skip.

    The Triple, stay with me now.

    Redshirt - gives you 5 years to have 4 eligible years. Steiber didn't redshirt this year did he. Hmm.... he still has it available.

    Medical Waiver - gives an athlete a 6th year to make up for a season lost due to injury in the first half of the season. As I pointed out, Steiber qualifies due to the point in time of the injury.

    Olympic Waiver - Allows a student athlete to take a year away from school to train for the Olympics. Gee, IF Steiber qualifies and USA Wrestling makes the recommendation, he can also qualify for a third year off the mat and retain 4 years of eligibility.

    Get it yet Skip or am In still talking over your head?
    I love you..."dumbass"

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechenster View Post
    Why aren't Palmer and Jameson wrestling for tOSU this season?
    Word is that both have suffered career ending injuries. Palmer (back) and Jameson (neck).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
    I thought Shane was 6' tall? Maybe I'm confusing him with another normally proportioned poster. Vais is short, right? Let's get this straight before we move onto more complicated things.
    5'11" 185'ish (depending on how much I'm wearing and how much I have in my stomach).

    If anyone around here is afflicted with small man's syndrome, as Gold points out and as he has summarily acknowledged its Mr. Vais.
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    Don't judge me because I still wear boys L and XL t shirts. They're cheaper.
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