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Thread: The 2008 College Wrestling Redemption

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    Default The 2008 College Wrestling Redemption

    Mack Reiter, Brandon Becker, Joel Flaggart, Wynn Michalak. What do all these guys have in common? They're all Seniors. They're all two time All American's. They all failed to place as juniors in 2007.

    I have a feeling that all four of them, will come back this year in fashion. I have Reiter picked as my 133 National champion and I don't think he'll let me down. I know he expected nothing less than to be a four time All American, and he won't walk outta St. Louis next year without a 3rd medal. I expect it to be first.

    Same goes for Brandon Becker. If I were him, and I had beat Craig Henning everytime I had stepped on the mat with him, then I'd expect nothing than less than to out do him come tournament time. I have a feeling that Becker will figure out C.P. Schlatter, as well as a few other 157's, and walk home with the title.

    Some of you will notice that I left Wynn Michalak off of my recent AA list. Well that's cause I'm an idiot and complete skipped over his name when looking at my potential to AA list. If I taken a second look at the list, I would have erased a name, and added his. Phil Davis is tough, J.D. Bergman is tough, as well as Mike Tamillow, but I think Michalak will challenge for the title this season. I predict no lower than 4th place.

    Joel Flaggart, who I'm pretty sure has been granted another year of elgibility, is in the same boat as Michalak.

    Opinions? Or does everyone want to stick to the Metcalf vs Schlatter debate?
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    Default Re: The 2008 Redemption

    My opinion is, none of them will walk out of St Louy with a title.

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    Default Re: The 2008 Redemption

    As long as Reiter stays healthy this year, I both think and really, really hope that he comes back in a big way.

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    Default Re: The 2008 Redemption

    Every year, I go to Midlands, and see Michalak walk through. Every year, I go to NCAAs with high hopes for Michalak. Every year, I am disappointed in my fellow redhead. I really hope he can deliver this year, but that weight class is loaded.

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    Default Re: The 2008 College Wrestling Redemption

    If Mack doesn't win this year I will punch something.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: The 2008 College Wrestling Redemption

    I would like to see Reiter in the finals just so for the drama of seeing his father on TV. His father's emotions during his loss to Clum in his Big Ten final two years ago was great TV.

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    yeah, chalk me up for wanting to see mack come out of their with 1st as well...he better figure out those long lanky wrestlers though...they give him absolute fits...
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