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Thread: Live video & chat from Iowa vs. UNI at 6:45 p.m.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Where is everyones favorite AA Jarion Beets?
    Certainly wasn't Glasser's favorite AA in last year's NCAA's, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    Beets has apparently been beat out by Wolfe. He lost to him in the wrestle offs and maybe hasnt done anything to earn the spot back. Wolfes showing last night may be enough for Schwab to open the door a little wider for him though. Lofthouse rolled him.

    Overall I thought Iowa looked pretty good last night. They didnt do much turning from the top but had a boatload of riding time. Chiri gave up the only takedown of the night but ended up pinning Lawrence. Gambrall and St. John need to get some wind. They were sucking air pretty bad. Ballweg continues to look impressive, as impressive as you can be without having much offense. He's young so I think that will come with more confidence. Tony Ramos is looking more and more like the number one guy at 133. Wish he was a little bigger but he's tough. Midlands should shake all of that out.

    UNI just looked bad again. Kind of reminds me of Brands first year at Iowa. Not eveyone bought in right away. I think Doug will get his team looking better than they did last night but some of his guys gave up, Wolfe being one of them. It's hard to believe that Jamal Lawrence was once a top recruit. He gave up too. Brantley HAS taken a step or two back from two years ago. Those guys up there in Cedar Falls need to take a little pride in what they are doing. Being ridden out takes alot out of a guy mentally but instead of trying harder some of them gave up. That won't sit well with Schwab.
    Honestly , Jamal Lawrence was as good a high school wrestler to pass through Indy. HE was just a FORCE -now he is a farce . Really disappointed in him as he stuck nearly 2/3 of his opponents in high School .

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    I was really high on him when he got to Cedar Falls as well. I think he is exactly the reason that Penrith is no longer there. Guys with great credentials would go to UNI and then do nothing. Some of the guys looked like they just didnt care and he was one of them. I wouldnt be so disapointed if he looked like he was trying but I think he gave up after Jeret rode him a little. He looks like the type of guy that has all the physical tools, he just may be missing the mental toughness.

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